Couple of Date Ideas, Part 4 | Winter Edition

Well it's that time of the year where the season is filled with that weather that makes you not want to go out really because it so dreary, while at the same time signaling the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Welcome to the Winter edition of the now crazy popular series, a Couple of Date Ideas. With every installment came higher numbers, so I thank you guys for sharing and viewing, supporting me through this series.

Of course this is the last installment because there are only four seasons in a year. Next year it will be more revisions and adding some cool new date ideas in there, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments or through the contact page.

I hope you guys enjoy!


Cabin In The Woods | Whether it be a log cabin or a lake house, spending time in the woods is not a bad idea. It's usually a beautiful sight to see the snow coming off the mountains or to see a lake that's completely frozen. Nature's beauty isn't just reserved to the spring and summer seasons. Locking yourself away and not using any form of communication can really do wonders for your mind and relationship. Even if you don't feel like renting either you can still travel there and enjoy it for the day. If you're interested in areas around you, just look on Groupon or LivingSocial apps, they have tons of cheap getaways there.

Warm Weekend Get-Away | Some people just loathe the cold because they see it so often, and nothing is wrong with taking a trip to somewhere warm. I know tons of people that go to the islands and enjoy a couple of weeks away from the cold weather. Once again, Groupon and LivingSocial are perfect places to look for cheap deals.

Cruisin' To The Caribbean | Another way to get away from the abundance of snow if you're use to it is by going on a cruise. Cruises can serve as a better, longer getaway, with you spending time on the ocean going to your destination, The Caribbean Islands. Of course there are tons of islands and countries to visit but most typically the Caribbean's are the most traveled to islands from the states.


Volunteer | Now is the time of the year that people need help the most, whether it be the homeless or families in need of things for their young children to have a good Christmas. Whatever it may be there is something that you can do to help someone this season. Soup kitchen's, animal shelters, reading to children, taking meals to the elderly, or spending time at the women's shelter, there are plenty of things to choose from.

Charity Event | If being in the trenches isn't your sort of thing when it comes to volunteering, there are balls and silent auctions you can attend that raise money for many organizations. This also gives you a chance for you and your date to dress up and show each other off to some potential clients and friends.

At Home Activities

Build A Snowman | This is the classic date for a couple or even a family. Building a snowman can bring back those child hood memories and you can even learn how the other works and how creative they are. Definitely a great idea for areas with a lot of snow and you have a lot of time to put mounds of snow together.

Hold Down The Fort | This goes back to my last post where you take stuff from around the house and make an awesome looking fort. You can use sheets, pillows, a whole room if you need too. I've seen some pretty great looking forts built that actually gave me the idea of having a room dedicated just to relaxation for my wife and I when I get married.

Crack A Book | Another cool idea would be recommending a book that you've read already to your significant other and seeing their take of it is. This gives you a chance to see the other side of the book as well as the intellectual side of your loved one.

Game Night | Doesn't matter the season, game night will always be relevant. There are so many board games, card games or even cranking up the game console is an option now. You can have friendly bets attached to the winner, it makes for some interesting scenarios with being snowed in.

Winter Movie Marathon | Of course when you're done playing video games and you decide it's time to unwind, try watching something that deviates from the norm. This time of the year holiday movies run rampant on network television. You can find the normal likes of A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street and It’s A Wonderful Life. If you want a change of pace Elf, Home Alone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation serves as comedic replacements. I'm more partial to the likes of Soul Food, Black Nativity & This Christmas.

Bust A Move | Sometimes the best surprise is just to crank of the music and grab your wife / girlfriend and just spin them around the room. It's not really a date or activity, it's just a really great romantic gesture that will make her feel that special and appreciated.

Scavenger Hunt | Pick a theme, then spread little ideas around the house with signs and clues leading to the ultimate prize. Whether the prize be the gift of you or an actual gift, the thought, excitement, and joy from running all over the house will no doubt call for some great memories and great surprises if done right.

Get The Conversation Rolling | Sometimes you think you know everything about your significant other, sometimes there are things that even they tend to forget because it's so long in the past. One way to drum up some memories is to pick up a book of questions for couples. There are usually questions in there that you don't think to ask, so proceed with caution that you don't cross any lines, but for the most part, this is a fun experiment.

Make A Relationship Bucket List | When coming together with someone and you're happy, that usually means that you have your own life and goals that you want to accomplish. But what about together? Take some time to sit down and write out some things you guys want to do either before marriage, before kids or during retirement. You could even do all of them together if you're really committed to each other. This is a great way to plan for some fun in the future and have some ideas laying around the house should the time come when you need them.

Make Fireplace S'mores | If you're lucky enough to own a fireplace and it's being used for nothing at all, one great idea would be sitting in front of it and opening up a bag of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. You can even add in some wine or other holiday drinks to make it interesting, a big mug spiked with some bourbon anyone?. It may seem simple, but sometimes the simple things are the most awesome ones.

Winter Picnic | Speaking of fireplaces. Picnicking isn't just for the spring & summer seasons. You can easily take a blanket and set it out in front of the fireplace with nice drinks and foods of your choice. One idea I saw floating around was that of a cheese tasting in front of the fire place. Pick some cheeses you want to try and then pop some bubbly. Serves as a nice quite night activity.

Spa Day | Bubble Bath, Champagne, Candles, Massage oil, and soothing music. That's al you need to make a successful spa day from home for your spouse. Take some time to pamper the person you love the most after they've braved the elements all day. You can easily end the night in front of the fire place or watching one of their favorite movies as they lay wrapped up in their robe or towel.

Sexy Sleepover | This bit is for the grown ups and lovers. Bring in some special sheets, some special foods, massage oils and just lock the door with all communication cut off. Sometimes it's best to just get intimate and away from the world, even if it's just for the night and waking up to some great breakfast. Having a sleepover just for two is needed sometimes and what better time than the cold and snowy season where all you want to do is curl up under the one you want to be with.


Coffee Date | Stopping to get a hot coffee can do wonders that people don't realize. If you're like me and don't drink coffee too often then there are other alternatives such as hot coco, hot chocolate and even some hot tea. But either way, making a pit stop in a coffee spot while out and about or just scheduling and after work date is always a great idea in the winter time.

Pretend You’re Tourists | If your city has museums, bus tour, or you can simply spend the afternoon snapping pictures of your city’s most famous landmarks. Free exhibits and festivals are available even in the winter time. I've mentioned this before in other blogs, and it doesn't stop because the seasons changed. You might even get a glimpse of an awesome winter wonderland.

Random Restaurants | If you've never experienced a different kind of food, now is the time to try it. Since it's cold, there will be less traffic and people climbing all over each other to get somewhere. Look up some of the more popular restaurants and ask how the reservations look. If it's not too packed, sneak in and try something new. It doesn't hurt to try something new at any point, now is just the time when there's less people and more time to enjoy it.

Photo Shoot | Just like any other season, the winter time has always been the scene of some gorgeous backdrops for pictures, it's just really cold. If you're willing to brave the elements for that perfect shot. If you don't feel like getting up and going out, there's always your computers photo lab option. Make funny faces and just be silly. Wherever you decide to go, just make sure you have fun doing it.

Coupon Date Night | With the holidays coming and having to dish out major money for people's presents, you may seem a little press for cash. So instead of trying to do something extravagant, you can always treat your significant something that costs virtually nothing while being creative. Remember, it's the thought and effort that counts.

Comedy Show | Another idea from my previous blogs, comedy shows. Another date that isn't dictated by the weather, comedy shows. During a season where the weather is pretty dreary, getting some laughs into your system can go a long way to making it an enjoyable time of the year.

Play Dress Up | This is the season where one can dress in layers and do it in some stlyle and class. Women love sweaters and boots, what better weather to show your guy how well you can put something together. and what about showing your woman that you can step outside of the box and get fancy. Some ides that pop in mind that one could dress up and go to; art gallery opening, fancy theater, opera or orchestra performance.

Visit The Deep Sea | If you're still yearning for a piece of the warm weather and can't get away for the holiday, try looking up Aquariums. They serve as a little reminder of how the deep blue sea is still awesome.

Look At Christmas Lights | Most downtowns have a lighting of the lights ceremony, you can attend that and catch one of the many hot beverages stands they have out there. Or you can load up some thermals and drive around a neighborhood that's in competition for "Best Christmas Decorations", yes that's a real thing lol. Either way you can enjoy some nice lights with just the expense of hot coco.

Window Shopping | Earlier I mentioned getting coffee after being out in the cold for the day, well you can go get a hot cup and walk around your downtown area and check out the shops with window displays that are set up to lure the most innocent of holiday shoppers. Hey you might even see something that you haven't seen before and want to get as a gift for someone.

Holiday Brews | Beers such as clove, nutmeg, and pine are just a few holiday beers that breweries make during the Christmas and New Year seasons. Just look up online for your local breweries and I'm sure they'll be participating in the occasion.

Boys' Night Out | Whether it's going to his favorite burger joint, taking him to the arcade, a basketball game or simply watching a movie that he really likes. It's a nice gesture to let him know he's just as appreciate as he makes you feel. This is kind of like the guy's version of spa day. Just find out what he likes and just treat him to it, it's all about him today.

Hockey Game Date | Even if neither one of you knows anything about hockey, it's going to be a great thing to able to go out and experience something new. Personally this is on my bucket list to go out and see. I heard the environment is pretty awesome and pretty rowdy. Plus it's probably easier to get tickets than to a basketball game or freezing outside for a football game.

Active Dates

Train Together | Even if it's just for one day out of the week, working out together can strengthen your bond and encourage each other by being healthier for one another. They have a new adage, "couple that sweats together, stays together".

Ice Skating | This is probably a classic amongst holiday activities. Ice skating is now a year round activity, but people really don't do this year round. But now is a perfect time to show off your skills or lack there of. If you don't live in an area where it gets that cold, they have indoor skating rings, just check your area that you live in.

Cooking Classes | Since there is a high possibility of you being locked inside of your home because of snow related problems, why not whip out the chef tools and make something nice. Well in order to do that, you both might need cooking classes. This is something else that is pretty much all year long. Flex your brain muscles and learn how to throw in the kitchen. It'll be worth it when you're trapped and have nowhere to go.

The Indoor Lifestyle | Indoor gun ranges, indoor rock climbing, indoor miniature golf, indoor skydiving and so many more things. Just because the summer is gone and it's not going to be back for awhile you can still enjoy sunny weather activities, indoors. Just Google the nearest thing to you and you should find plenty of things to do.

Couples Yoga | This might be something that's a little out there for your husband or boyfriend but if you can convince him the idea might be a run away hit. I've personally heard that this venture can easily make a couple stress free and make things very relaxed between the two. So if he's game, then this should be easily explored.

Horse Carriage Ride / Walk downtown | This is another classic idea, grab some flowers for your wife or girlfriend and take her through a quick cruise through downtown. Or if that is too much of the cold air in your face you can take her through a nice stroll through downtown and it would have the same effect. Either way, get some flowers bro, she likes flowers.

Go To The Hot Springs | This was something suggested to me and it seems pretty interesting. If you can get up to a cabin or a lake house and you have the extreme luck of having one of these in your area, I suggest you take up the opportunity to go. I'm currently doing my research right now on the closes one to me.


Holiday Parties | Who doesn't love the infamous Ugly Sweater Party? They have definitely been the rave the past couple of years with people trying to out do each other with the ugliest sweater. If you don't like that idea or need another, have a Wii or Knect Party where you battle your friends or other couples. There's also pulling the Grill close to the house and still making BBQ, who says it has to be a spring, summer, fall thing? There's also the Beach Party in the basement idea. People long for the sunshine during the cold months, so why not give them a little reminder that it still exists by throwing some sand on the grown and putting together a nice little playlist of sunshine type music. At any rater these are just some of the ideas that couples can do when they want to interact with other couples.

What do you think of these ideas? Are there ones you would suggest to be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below or contact me through the contact page.

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