December 2014

"You've been here before".

This past Thanksgiving weekend produced two conversations that really changed my mindset and view on things. The first conversation I had was with my favorite cousin who always knows how to make me get myself together and my mind right when I need it the most. Then there was this other conversation that I was not expecting at all. It was definitely out of left field, and it was from a person in a million years never thought would be able to comprehend me, clearly I'm not that complicated as I like to think lol. But the reason why these two conversations resonate so freshly in my mind is because they both at one point said to me one similar line, "you've been here before". And as I thought about that statement I started to realize that they were right.

When I got out of the military last June, I was completely unhappy by the point I signed out of base and was free to go where ever I choose to go. Of course I got the initial partying and what not out of my system and I saw all the people that had to be seen. But it got to a point after all of the hoopla settled down and everyone was comfortable that I was back at home, that I realized that I still had that air of unhappiness. I had one friend back then suggest to me to take a couple of months off because I spent the last couple of years busting my ass, I owed myself that much. At the time I didn't know what to do exactly, so I just went with the flow of life.

I did things alone, I went places alone, and I up and left when I wanted to. I don't think doing things alone is necessarily what would do the trick this time, but I think now that it's time to get back to being happy and in order to do that, I need to take some steps. I actually did this for about a couple of months because I was just in the motion of things. The first thing I really need to do is get my physical body back together. That's why I'm embarking on this 30 day workout challenge with my cousin, I'm really excited about that and I'm looking forward to it. Then I'm going on a no red meat, no fast food, and only water for the next 30 days.

This should be relatively easy because I'm starting a new job that I plan on using as a launch pad to one of two of things I have planned. But that's for another time and place. But for now, it's 30 days of me, for me. Last time I took some time to myself, GREAT things happened for me. I'm just trying to regain that level of being me because I have a lot of friends that say to me "we just want you to be alright Dev, you're the one we could count on to be always together and happy with the decisions you make. That is sorely missed because you kept us a float". When you have a people that say things like that, then you have a duty to be the best you can be, because no one else is going to be for you. As far as my blog, I'm still going to release blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I already have them all done up and scheduled to go out. So don't worry about my absence too much lol. My aunt said to me that there is a change in the air and the blessing are coming, you better be in position to receive them.

What are your goals for December going into January for the New Years? Leave a comment below as always.

Until next time guys!

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