A Woman's Greatest Gift

Came in with all this money,
I know that they all want it.
But you're the one who gets it,
Should've paid more attention.
- Rico Love

I realized now that I never really understood love.

I was having a conversation about what a woman's love actually meant with one of my fellow bloggers when looking for new topics. At the time I didn't really have an answer to that effect about my understanding of what a woman's love meant to me. I use to think that I could love a woman more than she could love me because of the things that I've experienced in life. I really thought that I could out love a woman based off the mere fact that I knew how to love her and I wanted love more than she did. Then the thought of that changed and I realized how stupid that sounded when I analyzed it. I didn't want to love a woman more than me; I wanted our love to be equal because that seemed like the right thing. We both put the work and we both get the results out of it, then I realized how wrong I was on that front as well. After sitting down and having an in depth discussion about how a woman loves and the passion of which it was explained to me, and I came to realize this:

A woman will always love a man deeper than he can ever comprehend.

The conversation went started off with the guys giving their perception of what love is to us, and of course the women gave a slight giggle. We were a little clueless as to why they were laughing at us, and they replied very simply with "because you guys are so clueless, naive and lost that it's cute". Of course we were a little offended by the comments, but all of us being thinking men in the room knew there was much more to that statement and a subsequent explanation of it. There were four of us guys there and three women there, (both couples and I was the odd one out lol), and all of the women looked at each other and one was elected to answer our inquiry. Her answer went as followed:
"When a man finds a woman that he loves, not the kiddy love, not the googly eyed love, and not the have sex and think I'm in love kind. I'm talking the I will lay my life down for you love, I will sacrifice my dreams for you to see you happy love, the I will travel to the ends of the earth to save you kind of love, the nothing that will keep me from you type love. When a man finds a woman that he loves that much, he will get that 10x over from the woman he is so enamored with. No offense but when it comes to love, all men are a bag of rocks, just slow and one dimensional in your thinking. And that's quite alright, because the woman that loves you will know this and that's apart of loving a man, him not knowing the actual depths of our love.

A woman is charged with keeping the home while you're protecting and providing for it. Then will come a day when you will add to that family and that love and she will have to bear your child, that within itself sets us apart because we have a human inside of us that we have to love and nurture for 9 months until they come to this world. That's how deep a woman's love is, it's not just a mental or physical thing, and it’s a spiritual and soulful thing. All of those things that you make us feel affect us, every single thing, whether you know it or not. When you make us cry we feel it on levels you can't comprehend, when you make us happy we feel it on levels you can't comprehend, when you love us, we feel it on levels you can't comprehend.

That's why when you hear "treat a woman's heart as if it's the most precious thing in the world" that's because it is. We are the starter of civilizations and the nurturers of those same worlds. We take care of the mental, the physical, the emotional and the spiritual side like nothing else can on this planet. If you look close, and choose to believe in that love, a woman can heal even the deepest of problems without ever saying a word. But if you mistreat that love, you can tear a woman's world apart without ever realizing it. THAT's how we women love, THAT's why most men don't grasp the idea of why it's so important to treat her right. But when a man has the faintness of clues, or simply glimpse into that world of love, he will be elevated and he will be better for it."
That literally blew my mind to sit and think and understand that one woman who loves you more than life itself, and so much that she's willing to create life with you. That's a really beautiful thing to think on and something that changed my outlook on some recent situations. After that explanation, we were all left a little speechless in the sense that we were in deep thought about what just was said, even with the females. I'd be lying to you if I said that it doesn't still flow through my mind til this moment in time. This is the first time that I actually have nothing else to say because that said a lot within itself. Fellas, I want you to sit and think on this one and let it marinate for a second.

Ladies if there is something else that you can add to that effect, or you disagree with her, let me know in the comments below. Fellas let me know how you feel about that, do you agree or disagree?

Until next time guys.

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