Annie Bertha

My cousin went deep into the archives to find this picture.

I rarely show people my personal side because I protect my family at all costs, but this picture really hits home on so many levels. That there is Annie Bertha Hines, the woman that we all loved and adored as kids. She had many a whoppings for me when I was younger and she was always there to reel us back in when we started acting too wild. Her imprint is on all of us and it's clear as day that we have that stubborn trait that she liked to show so often. I won't lie to you for a second if I say I can recall every little detail from every little interaction that we had with her. I just remember that when I went over there it wasn't any of that foolishness that we thought was going down. My brother loved her to death, he was always there to help her when she needed the help and was always there to be leaned on.

Still to this day, one of the worse days of my life was when she passed on my twelfth birthday. I didn't really see that coming at all, still a little distraught when I think back to it. But that's life though, you can't tell when a person is coming or when they're going, you just have to be prepared for it when it happens. Seeing this picture brings back so many memories of when we would go visit her and not so many fond ones I would like to soon forget. All in all, this is the woman that many of my cousins and I embody in some shape or form, and this picture is something that I will cherish forever.

Who is the one person in your family that everyone embodies in some kind of way? What are the fond memories that you have of them? Let me know in the comments below what stories you like to share.

Later guys.

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