Light of My Life

Through all of my triumphs and failures, my rises and my falls, and my many mood swings lol there has been one person there to love me unconditionally the way only family can, and that's my cousin Yolanda.

I will admit wholeheartedly that I'm a complicated human being with many different sides, but if there is one person on this whole wide planet that can see through my many layers I'm going to say it's here 10 out of 10 times. Just hearing her voice instantaneously changes my mood and her wise words always seem to hit home when I need them the most. The way that I talk about her to people makes it seem that she's years ahead of me in age due to the depths of her knowledge and wisdom, but no this beauty is only a year older than me.

When I dig into the people that I know, I usually tell them that they know better, kind of like a checks and balances kind of thing. But usually the person doing the checks and balances, well they don't have a person to check and balance them, luckily I have Yolanda to bring me back down several pegs when I need it and vice versa. I could go on and on about her many accomplishments and tell all the tales from when she's been my rock, but I'd rather just sit back and keep those stories to myself because I'm stingy and selfish with my Yolanda lol.

I was always told that when the nights are just the darkest before dawn, you will always need that light to remind you that better is coming. That when you're down on your luck and you need someone to pick you up and they don't look for anything in return but to be your happy self, you need that person every single day. And I was told that when all else fails and that you know nothing of what love looks like anymore, you always will have that one person who will look just like it and remind you that there is some good still left in this world.

When I look at Yolanda or when we get around each other she reminds me of everything good within this world and how great my God is. She doesn't let me forget who I am or where I come from while in the same breath encouraging me to add essential elements to my life. More importantly she's always there to tell me when I have an utterly stupid idea lol, because all have dumb ideas from time to time lol.

When I tell people that I still hope and think of everything that's good in this world despite the bad that's going on, Yolanda is a big part of that simply because she's always there to be the brightest light in my life.

I love you cuz!

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