3 Things To Enlighten Your Personal Growth Journey By Devri Velazquez


For almost 5 years now, I’ve had something called Takayasu’s Vasculitis. 

This strange illness is rare, incurable, and will affect me for the rest of my life. The month of May recognizes those who struggle with (and are champions of) the chronic autoimmune disease. On a daily basis I am asked a plethora of inquisitive questions from friends, family, and even strangers-- who want to pick my brain on a number of life issues. I enjoy it. Since becoming affected with Takayasu’s, I have felt a sense of enlightenment in my view of the world around me-- the people, the environment, the way I care for my own body. It has all been quite a journey of perspective and cleansing. Though the curious questions cover a range of topics, I always try to center these main points in my responses, as I feel each person can benefit from these things. 

You are not alone in your triumph and your struggle. 
The human experience can be burdensome, tiring, rewarding. Allowing yourself to empathize with the trials and tribulations of people around you will help you to be in touch with your own purpose. This inspiration will most definitely drive you closer to what you believe to be the meaning of your own life’s story. Soon, you will grow an affinity for the singularity of each individual you come in contact with. Everyone’s story has a piece of value should be applied to your personal growth. 

You have an infinite capacity of wisdom to share with others. 
Shed the fear of the unknown and dive deep into what may appear to be ‘different’ from you. We all have something in common--we’re humans with a body who is a house for our soul. We all feel, we all think--it may be different from each other, but allow yourself to understand that difference in culture, race, and lifestyle. It will give you insight and make you feel closer to having the key to God’s book of secrets. Once your desire to learn everything in the world starts taking precedent over everything else, the petty problems in your life will become so minuscule and irrelevant. The light will shine, and the glory of your mission will be magnified. 

Find your passion and act on it. 
Realizing that I have a sort of countdown on my lifespan surely has prompted me to reach for things I always thought I would have forever to focus on. Perhaps you are eager to take a solo trip out of the country to better your own perspective, or you’ve always wanted to go sky diving. Do it as soon as you are able to. Live your life with no limits on yourself!

Contributor: Devri Velazquez

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