Dear Devri | Devri Velazquez

I love you.

You are a fighter; you are a feisty & unrelenting force of nature that refuses to lose. I admire you in so many ways that I cannot properly express my admiration for all of them equally. People don't understand the appreciation I have for you because they don't understand pain, heartbreak & failure like we do. It's in our DNA to know how to win, how to dig up that part of the soul where only few know how to get to pull the will to go on & not stop til we win the fight. Failure is not an option for us & never will be.

Some may even look at your pictures and see the one of you living life and being happy with a bit of confusion. They'll probably keep asking themselves how you're able to go out and have fun without being truly "sick” and why should you even care about how they feel? Why should you spend your days worrying and always thinking about being sick so they can take pity on you? It's called not being afraid to live life how you want to with the time you have here on this earth. And that's all you do, make the best of any situation, and you carry yourself so elegantly.

Most people decide to become secluded or locked away when something terrible happens to them, you do the exact opposite, and you face those fears head on. It just amazes me how you handle each and every task of getting better with such ease. You don't let it wear you down and you don't let it remove the smile from your face, and if you do, it's usually for not long and no one really notices that you feel that way. It's as almost you carry it as a badge of honor and you're happy to show people how you can handle pressure like none other. There's nothing left to say other than you're just an amazing human being, period.

All in all, I have the utmost respect for you not just because of how well you've handled adversity, but also because you're just a really great human being. I will always and forever call you my right hand gal when it comes to this blogging thing because little do people know; it's you who got me motivated to take myself to another level with it. Reading the posts with your heart being poured into each and every one is something that showed me to be fearless and not to care what other people have to say about my life. You showed me that it's ok to write about what I want to write about and to just be myself and have fun with it.

I thank you for opening my eyes and sticking to who you are, because it opened my eyes and showed me that I need to be who I am to be happy. You make a lot of sense in a lot of things that you do, because you move with an extreme purpose, and that's just top of the line motivational stuff right there. I wrote this because you never know what could happen from one day to the next, so I wanted to put this out there because you mean that much to me. Just know on those days where you're lying in that bed and you're all alone and down receiving treatment, just know that you have the support system within me to lean on and to just collapse when you don't feel like being strong anymore. When you just want to vent about life and all of the pains and tribulations, you have my ear to use. When you want to just cry and not say anything at all, you have my shoulder, my chest and anything else you choose to wet up with your tears, because we are family and we have to stick together.

Meeting you in 2012 was one of the greatest things to happen to me, and I just want you to know that you are one of the few things on this planet that actually inspire me to be better than my dreams are. I'm here for the long ride, and I'm definitely reaching down, picking you up, and taking you with me, so I hope you are ready.

- Devon

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