#BlackLivesMatter, Part 3

Black Lives Matter was a great thing from the get go.

For the past couple of months I've been seeing nothing but slander towards the Black Lives Matter movement from various people over on Twitter. These thoughts pretty much centered on the fact that most of them feel as though the Black Lives Matter movement has done nothing more than gain from their own personal goals of self promotion. They feel like they only popped up in places where they could be in front of news cameras and on their television screens announcing some sort of side project that they are working on. They simply feel as though they are not properly represented by the organization any kind of positive light.

While these Twitter users are cranking up their thumbs to type paragraphs on how the Black Lives Matter movement is just another charade of someone taking advantage of a situation at the expense of black pain, no one can answer the one fundamental question: what are YOU doing to contribute towards the change you seek. It seems as though the same folks who choose to demonize and tear down the Black Lives Matter movement fail time and time again to show the tangible proof of their contribution to the change. Their rebuttals usually just circle back around to throwing insults at the movement instead of acknowledging their own shortcomings.

And while some feel this way about the movement, the majority doesn't actually.

The problem that most people have when they talk about the Black Lives Matter movement usually boils down to one thing: research. A lot of things that I see or talk to people about usually come from hearsay or something that they saw on Facebook. While Facebook is the best way to keep up with your family and long lost classmates it's hardly the source of anything factual in regards to dealing with something of this caliber. And we won't even touch on the whole hearsay topic other than that's the communication for the verbally weak people of this world.

But no, proponents of the BLM movement simply wish to complain about things that are usually untrue because it's the same kind of tactics that they see on a daily basis in regards to anything black that's associated with being good. You can look at how racists use the word thug as a new form of calling someone black a nigger. Then if you look closely you'll see how nine times out of ten they tact thug onto anything BLM oriented. This isn't just by coincidence or sheer luck, it's all done by design. It's a simple tactic deployed since the start of slavery here in the United States, and it's a tactic that won't ever change until something major happens.

Anything good and black in this country will always be sought out for destruction.

That's the one thing that those people arguing on Twitter will never get, they want us divided. You look at the many assassinations of key people that were in positions to cause a major shift in thinking. You look at how many times in history mass killings have happened to suppress growth in the black community. You can look at what you put in front of your eyes on a weekly basis with "ratchet TV Monday" and how that has effects on kids watch that thing and learn from what they think is the only way to success in this country. You can even look back on slavery when the slaves would sing their songs in the field while picking cotton. They were beaten if they were looking like they were enjoying themselves too much.

All of these things, all of this history, all of these social tests that are run, (and proven to be true), sit right in front of people's faces and yet they are further from the truth than ever before. When I'm asked if I think the Black Lives Matter movement is a sham I usually reply with "now I do". Because I wholeheartedly believe that the tactic of infiltrate, disrupt and destroyed was employed when the group came of prominence during the whole Mike Brown aftermath where he laid in the streets for hours and people needed a beacon to grasp onto.

Black Lives Matter was turning into a powerful movement, and for that they destroyed it.

Now the group may still be around and they may still be active, but they aren't what they could be for the simple fact that the key people, the people sitting at home behind their computer screens, can't seem to get off their asses to support something positive. There always has to be something wrong, no matter how big or how little that may be, they will tear you down for it. In a lot of ways those same people are doing what the powers at be want to do but in such a shorter time. They come together at the wrong time for the wrong cause, and then they are left wondering why no one is trying to help them when something bad happens to them.

Do Black Lives Matter? Yes they do; but they won't truly matter until we as a people come together as one and force the change that we want. No one is going to hand your freedom to you on a silver plate, you have to go out and fight for it. That's where the movements and the causes are lost, because no one wants to put in the leg work to do anything anymore. You may be sick and tire of all of the killings, not being able to advance at work properly or have enough food for your kids to eat at night. But what are you doing about it exactly? What protests, voting actions or marches do you help organize?

If Black Lives Matter is such a bad thing, then why aren't you out doing more of the good things?
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