My Sad Sexual Frustrations

I will admit here today that I'm solely attracted to hood rats.

Now I know that's not the correct term to use for a woman, but right now I'm calling it what it is. I don't know why I'm attracted to them or where this attraction came from, (more than likely from where I grew up), but it's a thing. And it's not the whole mental and spiritual level of attraction, no it's strictly physical. For some reason when I have sex with a woman that's classified as a hood rat I'm more or less, sexually liberated. Now when I say that I don't mean I'm out here having sex with them and I let them stick a thumb in my ass, no I mean there's a little bit more roughness to it. I'm not talking about punching them in the face and leaving bruises like on some 50 Shades of Grey type stuff, more so it's just more physical and to the point. Plus it's more interactive in the sense that she engages and she takes control in certain situations. That's the part that stimulates me the most, when she knows what she wants and she's just as aggressive as I am when she wants to take it.

When I have sex with "prettier" women or a woman I'm attracted to on different levels, it's kind of boring to be completely honest. I always find myself doing all of the work and if I do something a little bit out of the norm we have to have a conversation that lasts entirely too long about why I did it. That kind of stuff gets old relatively fast and it's rare that you just don't have that person you're attracted to on that level that doesn't over think every little thing in that regards. Now I know a lot of women would look at that statement and scoff at it because they feel that it isn't true when it comes to them at least, but how would they really know? I mean we all have our different definitions of what we like and what we think is "out there", but if you never talked about it with a partner, then how could you possibly know? Then a lot of the women actually hold back because they think that it's worth saving until marriage or that it would be giving away too much before later. But I have a little news flash for those women that think that:

The sex isn't what keeps a man around and if it is then you need to reevaluate your relationship.

I mean it all goes back to my saying that if you got what you want all of the time then life wouldn't be worth living. But sometimes I can't help but think what it would be like if I had a women that actually did all of the things that I like sexually and had all of those other intangible characteristics that would make me want to stay past the morning after. It's a little annoying and frustrating when I think about it because there are women out there who have the perfect combination of carefree, common sense, savage and loyalty. To be honest, even the women that I was madly in love with at one time was not what I wanted completely sexually; the emotional connection amplified everything by a hundred so I'll never know how truly great or bad it was; so she doesn't count lol. But for the most part, if they were worth something emotionally, I wasn't too moved when we had sex. But to reiterate, that's just me and how I perceived each encounter.

I'm pretty sure that there are those that are asking the question, "well what were you doing that was so great in the first place"? I could answer that question multiple times over but they wouldn't care because they'll be so set in trying to debunk MY feelings towards these sexual encounters that it would be like trying to tell Trump that he indeed has to pay taxes like the rest of us. But this is just MY sexual life and it's not all been bad, but in this regards having the best of both worlds has alluded me up to this point and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon. Which is sad because I would love to do some nasty things with the woman I like a lot on all those levels I mention without being chastised or having to write a twelve page essay explaining why I love eating it from the back after I give her a couple of back shots. But oh well, that's life I suppose, you're let down the most by the things that you think should be the simplest things to obtain.

I'll just wait patiently until God decides he wants to bless me with that perfect nasty woman.

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