My Favorite R&B Artists, Vol. 10 | 112

Q, Mike, Slim, Daron!

To me, in my own honest opinion, 112 was one of the last great R&B acts before the genre turned into the cluster fuck it is today. Pardon my language but that's just how I feel about the current mainstream focus of R&B. Billboard completely tossed it into the wind by adding grouping it with Rap and letting artists into the genre who have zero to do with it. But that's another story for another time, what is here and now is the fact that 112 pretty much bridged the 90's R&B sound all the way up until the early 2000's when music was making that turn into what it is today. Of course they came together earlier than that, but to last as long as they did, (even rumored to be making an album currently), is quite impressive. Of course like anyone else in my age range and older, I have plenty of fond memories of these guys and their songs.

I actually didn't start listening to 112 fully til after I got the CD from my brother to burn back in the day; (he was always the source of music I ended up liking). It was with their debut CD 112 that I really took the time to listen to them. Thankfully it only took me about eight years after their debut to catch on to their greatness. But it was rather sad that by time I really got into the groove of their non radio hits, the band was already on it's way out of the door. With all great acts they had a slew of hits that would resonate with whatever mood you were in. I would list all of the hits that they had but where would the fun in that be if you didn't go and check them out. If there was one CD from their discography that I HAD to suggest to you it would definitely be Part III. To me that's the best CD that they've ever came out with. Maybe that's because that's the time I was really getting into music or whatever, that CD is definitely worth the listen.

When I think of R&B acts and how they should be, 112 is one of the first groups that come to mind. It's sad that time in music is over right now, but hopefully one day one of them can help find the new wave of R&B acts that can transcend the music scene like how they came into the game. Personally I'll keep playing them in my slow jam rotation for as long as it's humanly possible. But as I was saying, if you want to check them out then start with Part III. Their debut album is also great as well.

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