October 2016

Here we are.

2016 has been one of those years that we can't wait to get out from under it's cruel and cold clutches. Right from the get go there were murders and big name deaths that sent shock waves throughout the country. While there have been some good things it just seems like for the most part the world just can't seem to get it right on any level. While I am truly thankful for all of the racial tension and issues that seem to expose all of the closet racists and people who I thought were supportive, I'm ready for a change towards peace and calm. While I know that peace and existence will never go hand in hand as long as people are hung up on all of the little things that don't matter, I still have hope that we can get it right. Unfortunately as the weather becomes a bit colder, things in this country will become a little worse. We all know that most people can't operate under the confines of cold weather, it looks as if it will be a long winter on the horizon.

But even with 2016 being complete and utter trash, we have to carry on. We can't let things slow us down and hinder us from living our lives. If we do that then we surrender to the terror and that's what they want. For the past month and some change I haven't been on the top of my game, and I've been called out for that repeatedly over the last couple of weeks. Now I could point out all of my real life problems that supersede anything that I do on this blog, but deep down inside I know that I would only be making excuses. If there's on person that can handle doing a lot of different things at one time, it's me. I know how to balance life with the best of them and lately I've just let life do what it wants with me and that's not cool at all. But you know how it goes sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of the river to see where the current takes you down stream.

But I've ridden the waves long enough. With my impending mini retirement from posting new columns I realize that I have to go hard over the next three months to give you guys the best that I have. I want to end this year on a very high not blogging wise, because that's just the right thing to do. I know that I've been making a lot of promises the past couple of months that I haven't been keeping, I really didn't anticipate a lot of things going the way that they did, but I'm ready none the less to step up and handle my business. Someone also reminded me how important my voice was in terms of speaking about the things that are going on and I didn't take those words lightly at all.

So right here and now I'm labeling October as the bounce back month for me. I know a lot of people are counting on October being a big month for them so I wish everyone well on that front. I plan on coming with heat so be on the lookout for some really great blog posts from my archives and some really fresh ones. Also make sure that you keep an eye for my Medium page because I'll be post a couple of things on there from now on. I'm really excited to get back to doing work and being that blogger that you all have gotten use to and who you hold to a higher standard.

Let's do work.

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