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In life we go through things that make us better.

I was checking out 10 Affirmations To Stay Positive When Life Is Not Going According To Plan, and I realized that while they had a great list, (which you can see by clicking on that link), I see I needed to clean it up and simplify it in my own words because it's a different meaning to me and in different order slightly. But at the end of the day it's all of the same thing, we need some sort of guide to get us off our butt sometimes because we don't know what to do all of the time or immediately. So below is how I got myself out of my stint in the gutter and I learned it through the hard way, I feel obligated to give you this list because it may help you when you at least expect it.

You never know when you need to read up on some kind words from a stranger that went through what you're going through now. So if you need this list, it's as followed:

1. Trust. | The first thing you have to do is develop trust in something. Whether it be yourself or whoever you pray for, you have to center your area of confidence. For me I trust in God and my abilities. If you're not confident in either of them then you will not be confident in your goals that you're trying to go after and achieve. Can't wash the dishes without the dish washing liquid, so you can't complete goals if you don't believe in yourself.

2. Meditate. | After you reaffirm your areas of trust then you can properly plan. But before you can properly plan you have to center yourself and your thoughts. When you're in the process of getting your mind back together, you have to get all of your thoughts in order. Most of the time when thinking of all of the things that you have to do, it overloads the senses and makes you feel overwhelmed and you can panic quick like that. Taking the time to think about all that you have to do and realizing that you can handle it as long as you stay calm is the direct result of this. This time is imperative to your mental and emotional stability.

3. Change Your Plans. | Things never go as planned and if someone tell you it does then they're simply lying or living within a delusional state of mind. Tweaking your plan is, has and will always be one of the main points of succeeding. You never just plan of a clear shot, you always plan for multiple outcomes and problems. This is where a lot of people fail because they believe that everything will go according to plan. As soon as you realize that life is fluid like water and can change with any tide, then the sooner you'll be more comfortable with going out after your goals.

4. Be Patient. | One thing that people lack is the understanding that things happen when they're suppose to happen, not when you want it to happen. That's another thing about the process of succeeding, you can put all the plans into motion that you want, but at the end of the day time is the ultimate winner. Sometimes it takes things longer to come to fruition than others, and sometimes it doesn't. The littlest of things can knock off the synchronization of your plans and it can be the ultimate deciding factor if your plans are time sensitive. Having patience to me is the ultimate sign of being able to manage tough times and situations. Being patient through your time of change will ultimately lead to your success and there's simply no way around that.

5. Stay Positive. | Once you get through all of those things and you're in the midst of being patient, you can't let your mind slip back to where it was before at the time you were struggling. Knowing that failure is very real is one thing, but believing that no matter what, in the end you will succeed is another. Having the positive mindset not only keeps you motivated and going, it shows the people around you that you're worth standing by. People will follow and support anyone they want as long as that person is confident enough to do it. Keep your head towards the sky and dream of all the great things that you want, it will eventually come true, one way or another.

6. Less Stress, More Blessings. | While staying positive is hard, one of the key things you need to do is to stop focusing on stress. Stressing over things will lead to wrinkles, grey hairs, no appetite and a very nasty attitude; trust me I know. Focusing on what he has given you and being thankful for that instead of stressed about what you don't have at the moment. I was always told that I never should stress over things that you don't have because it's not something that is impacting your life. Can't be stressed over something that you don't have yet, so there's no reason to forget about what you have.

7. Live Life. | You can't stop living your life when you're going through the process, you just can't. If you stop living your life and stay coupe up in the house then you won't be able to remember what you're working hard for. I know that some people feel like if you don't have any money then you shouldn't be going out, and that's just asinine. You're alive and you live and breathe just like everyone else, so you need the mental stimulation and the stress reliever to serve as a break, just like everyone else.

8. Just Go With The Flow. | All of those things combine to be the last piece of advice that needs to be practiced. When you're truly in that zone where no one or nothing can knock you off, then you can just go with what life gives you. At this point you're going to be applying all of this so well that anything bad that happens won't matter at all. Because you would be ready for it, you would be anticipating it, you will be ready to defeat it. So going with the flow will always be the best thing because you won't need to stress over anything that's going wrong or trying to bring you down. This is the best possible place that you can be when you get to that point of being the best version of you.

9. Faith. | At the end of the day, when you get to the point where you're just doing great and you have everything going for you, you have to turn around give it all back to where you got it from. You always have to stay within faith because he decided that he wanted to take you through some things that made you one of the best people around. So don't ever stray too far from faith because at the end of the day it can all be taken away in a blink of an eye. So make sure you stay within the graces of the good Lord and he will always make sure that he will give you the best possible way to succeed in life. I always keep the faith because there were some days where I didn't even want to wake up, but he did and I made it, and I'm forever thankful.

10. Testimony. | This is the reason why I blog. I failed multiple times over in life, mostly it was on my own accord, but here I stand. I've learned valuable lessons. Those same lessons can be learned and taught to people that may need to hear those words of reassurance that they too can make it through as well. I personally learn from others mistakes, so if I see someone giving their testimony then I will take heed of their words and apply them. I've done it so many times and I've avoided so many problems that way. So speak on what has brought you pain and hurt feelings, speak on what snapped you out of it and speak on how you were bought through it. You never know who will need to hear your words.

And that's how I got out of my funk, and with the encouragement of my friends and family. Those are two big groups that you need some support from as well. We all don't have that option so applying this list will be hard to do it alone, but it can be done. At the end of the day it's going to be up to you to make these changes happen, no amount of support in the world will mean anything if you don't have the conviction or will to change your out look on life and get a solid plan down pact. So just remember, trust in yourself, trust in God, believe that you can do it, actively practice it and just keep the faith and hope that you will make it while enjoying all of your blessings in life.

At the end of the day, nothing in life lasts that long and being unhappy is one of those things that will never survive if you can follow those things, God just won't allow it because he believes in you and he loves you all the same.

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