January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Ok so what if I'm a few days late, but you get the drift lol. I hope you guys had a great New Year's Eve celebration and subsequent bringing in of the New Year. I spent mine at work because I'm old, washed and so are my friends lol. But none the less I'm glad to be here with you guys in the New Year and I'm glad that we can start it off doing some of the same stuff that we did last year.

As documented in my review post for last year, (2015 In Review), you saw how the fatigue wore on me and I slowed down to the point where I basically took the latter part of November and the bulk of December away from blogging and promoting. During my brief hiatus and reflection I learned a lot and most of the issue was with me getting away from my routine and external forces playing a factor. Well I sat down and I hammered out a plan of things that I need to do and I'm slowly putting those in place, most importantly I'm bringing back my routine and I'm excited about that.

Expect the same amount of posts from me, and if I say I'm not going to post that much, you can at least expect one month post detailing what's going on in my life so that you guys won't be completely left out in the dark. After talking to a couple of readers and my fellow bloggers, a lot of people read my blog and I'm extremely thankful for that. The least I can do for you guys is keep up the pace and I feel a sense of rejuvenation right now.

The biggest thing about this year is that I don't have to write a bulk of the posts because I spent a lot of time last year pre-writing them and a lot of the ones you'll see are posts that are old but still relevant. I set it up that way for you guys to always have access to content that I plan on posting a month in advance so that you can plan accordingly. I'm here to help you guys the best that I can when preparing a game plan for the month at hand. Each month I'll post links that are relevant for the month below just so you don't have to go look at the archives

One of the things that I've seen floating around is the 52 Week Money Challenge. This isn't anything new, I remember seeing this float around the beginning of each year the last 6 years or so and I've know multiple people complete this challenge, but it really caught my eye when one of my Facebook friends completed their third consecutive challenge. After talking to them about it I decided to do it as well. one of the things they advised me to do is start off with one of the smaller challenges and then work my way up through the coming years. I found this cool printable here that you guys can do with me that's relatively easy and simple. For those too lazy to click it goes as followed for January:

Week 1: $1 (Account Balance: $1)
Week 2: $2 (Account Balance: $3)
Week 3: $3 (Account Balance: $6)
Week 4: $4 (Account Balance: $10)
Week 5: $5 (Account Balance: $15)

That's about it that's new so far for the New Year. I have some blog series coming in the next couple of weeks, as well as familiar ones so be on the lookout for that one. But for the most part it's the same old Cold Knowledge for the New Year and I'll be giving the same effort that I've always had. Well I should note that I have a few surprises in the pipe line, but that's neither here nor there right now. I'm just excited to be back and here for you guys.

Is there anything that you're looking forward to the New Year? Is there something that you would like Cold Knowledge to cover, if so then just let me know in the comments below or simply email me at ColdKnowledge09@gmail.com. I'm excited to hear from you guys this year, and don't forget the links below.

Until next time!

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