I'm A Writer, Not A Blogger

Yes there's a stark difference between the two.

There is a change coming soon and I can feel it in the air. What most people probably won't realize that here on this blog in particular is an assortment of different writings that I have. I've written pieces that range from poetry to short stories and essays with ease. Make no mistake about it, writing is a God given talent of mine and people don't seem to realize that because I don't make it known quite as often.

One of the major things that I believe in comes in the form of guarding your dreams and aspirations. There's no doubt in this world that people either seek to destroy, deter or steal your dreams for their own personal gain. Some people are unimaginative, unoriginal or they are simply jealous of your creative process. On the same foot there are those people that ware supportive but don't know how to properly support. They will ask you a million questions about something you're working on and you may not even be working on it at the time.

Whatever the reasons maybe, I still guard my dreams because it's the right thing to do.

Plus when it comes to my process, I do a lot of things that most writers don't do because it's just the way my brain works. I could literally have an idea for what I want to write a post about, jot down a couple of sentences and all. But if I don't have a working title or the proper graphics for it or sources, then I won't post it. Further more, if I'm not feeling it like how I want to feel it, then I stick it right back in the draft pile until further notice. Sometimes I can write 3-4 posts in a setting and sometimes it takes me months to get out of a writing funk.

I don't think people really understand how crazy my writing process is lol. I will anguish for hours to find the right sentence that pulls together a whole post. If I don't, I either trash it or it sits in my drafts for years and I said before. More than likely I put it away in my drafts for future references or to use in another post. I rarely trash posts that I write, but there are those few times where I get frustrated enough because I don't feel as though my point has been made through it. I literally have close to 1,000 drafts saved up from various topics from over the years.

During the course of 2015 I developed my own writing style that only other writers will notice when they read my work. I didn't take the style from someone else and altered in my own way, but rather it's a bunch of different lessons I was taught about how readers engage an article. The more I wrote during 2015, the more I realized that perfection is the enemy. For a long time I wrote for the soul fact that I didn't want people to think that I sucked as a writer. So naturally I tackled a lot of subjects that people were interested in at the time to make things relatable. I had to do that for the sake of having enough posts to fill up a years worth of writing.

But it's 2016 and I simply don't care anymore.

Before I took blogging serious I wrote for me and me alone. I wrote short stories about dreams that I had of distance places; I wrote poems about girls that I really liked at the time; I basically wrote from the heart, nothing more & most certainly nothing less. And basically I'm just getting a back to all of those things that I enjoyed doing at one point in my life. I realized for the most part what was plaguing me for the past couple of months when it came to not being able to write anything:

I simply lost the passion.

That happens sometimes when you're a writer, you lose all interest because your work is an extension of life. Life sometimes hands out those little fades that make you take a step back and gather yourself; and that's really not a bad thing either. I stepped right on back and got my life together and I feel myself returning to my old form. I know that when you're a writer you have to do a lot of things different to keep your mind churning like an well oiled machine. And putting out any old thing isn't acceptable by any means. 

But at the end of the day I'm glad that I am a writer because it allows me to express myself in a different manner. It also allows me to grow as a person because I can do so many different things without regret. So I'll continue to polish my skills as a writer and maybe at some point I'll share with you guys my awesome bodies of work; (when I feel comfortable enough to do so lol).

Until next time!
  1. Truth. "There's no doubt in this world that people either seek to destroy, deter or steal your dreams for their own personal gain." I realized though that people are just people, they don't have the power to steal anything that is for you. It has been ordained by the Universe as yours.


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