Black Girl Magic

(Photo Courtesy of Michelene J.)

Dear Black Girls,

You are indeed magical & you are clearly doing this right if someone posted nonsense like this.

First & foremost, Elle Magazine is trash; lets just get that straight. I noticed they were trash from their constant use of white washing other cultures into their own personal little "fads" routinely. I never once went to go read an article they posted because most of the time it was nonsense from the get go. Long before this article I chalked them up as a fail & never concerned myself with them.

Well they seemed to one up themselves with this article.

Them having a problem with the #BlackGirlMagic movement is the exact reason why it's needed in the first place. I use to be one of those apologists that said all people were created equal & that we should all work on the same level to achieve the goals of living peacefully on this planet.

But nah, fuck that.

I specifically mean fuck that because time and time again women of color, (particularly black women), have been put down, trampled, abused, discouraged, made fun of & their ideas stolen by those that always cry for equality. This article is clear proof that when black women create something positive like this, it's met with such great disdain simply because they can't steal it. That's all it amounts to, black women saying they are awesome in every single way and that you can't sit at the table with them. And as a black male, I fully support this movement simply because we need it as a race.

I always see black men complaining about when being hoes or thots and the second something like #BlackGirlMagic comes along its all of a sudden it's a problem. I say that because as I was reading the comments on said article, there were actually guys agreeing with them on the notion that black women were taking it too far. The very same group of men that complain women are too easy, who don't have enough self respect and who are the main reasons that you don't want a daughter, suddenly do too much with this movement.

Get the complete and utter fuck out of here.

Those are the same men, excuse me, the same boys that need another mans approval for anything they do or they can't lead a fish to water while they're in it. This isn't me defending black women for the sake of "throwing on a cape". No, this is me being fed up with the notion that black women have to be sub par in order to make every other person in this world feelings valid and important. Well sorry to break the news to you, they aren't valid or important in this situation.

In the era where being politically correct is taking a toll on society, I am planting my feet firmly in the stance that black women are magical and they should remain unapologetic in doing so. For decades at a time black women had to be subjected to European styles of art & watch them be showcased everywhere. For hundreds of years they were body shamed into thinking they needed to be like anything else except for themselves, all the while seeing their very bodies being stolen for the purpose creating their "fads". Even more recently with the string of surgeries that now all for hip shaving & butt implants.

This is the moment where I talked about the tide turning for black people in this country. Black women are leading the way with or without the help of us black men because for too long they've been shitted on and made to seem like nothing more than a play thing for everyone. This article triggered me be annoyed and fed up because while people try to draw the connections between black girls calling themselves magical and people killing black because they have super powers are not one in the same.

Black girls are magical for the simple fact that out of the ashes of oppression, scrutiny, mental & physical abuse; they still rise. I don't always agree with some of the stuff they do to show they believe in themselves, but that's not for me to understand because I'm not a black woman. That's the whole key here, none of us are black women, we can't begin to understand what they've been through so we can't judge them for what they are trying to do.

My only job is to continue to support & love black women because they are out most precious commodity in this world.

Black women give birth to whole nations, to men and women so strong willed that they refuse to be held down by any form of oppression. Within the black women is something so sacred & God given that it's been sought after since history can remember; and that's love. The love for life and the love for anything comes flowing out of them, they are the embodiment of that.

So to all you black women that continue to fight off those that wish to see your fires control: burn free & wild. You are indeed magical, and that's what makes you so beautiful.

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