From Cali, With Love

Beauty is not in the face;

Beauty is a light in the heart.

- Kahlil Gibran

If there's one thing that all of my female friends have in common, it's that they are beautiful. I rarely ever disclose my friendships for a multitude of reasons, and two of the main reasons are the questions: "you hit that?" and "can you hook me up?"; blah. I've always valued a woman, especially the ever so lovely and beautiful black woman, as the most precious commodity in this world. Without them, we are literally nothing, that's why I value the friendship of those who are true to their word. Maya and I have been friends coming upon a little over ten years soon and while we haven't talked consistently over the past ten years, she's still loved none the less.


It's rather amazing  that someone older than me looks way younger than me.

Shout out to that melanin though!


Something bit of a wild card, she embodies that California spirit that you've come to expect from those awesome people over there. Granted she's not from California, she just managed to fit in seamlessly because she's just that awesome. Carefree, laid back, makes everything she does look cool and awesome, and most importantly she wants you to be included on the fun and have as much as she's having with life. All that combines into her being one pretty unselfish person that loves life and that shows through all of her words and most importantly through all of her actions.



She's the epitome of "cooler than the other side of the pillow".


When it comes to people that you should know in life, (or for some that wish they knew), she's one of those people that I'm glad to have met because she adds value to my life by simply being who is. that in turns keeps me grounded and humble. To be the person that I am, the person that everyone likes to put on that pedestal of good men, I need people like this that feed my spirit, that help take care of my mental, and most importantly inspires my creativity. A person that helps you not only to grow the important parts of you, but also helps maintain the parts that don't need any changing is the kind of person that you don't take for granted.


That's the kind of person you protect at all costs.



Even simple Maya is a Maya that's pretty great.


At the end of the day I want to be near the people that make me feel alive the most. I want to be around those people that keep it straight with me and stops me in my tracks when I'm tripping. I want to be around someone that I consider a friend and nothing less. The one awesome thing about her that I adore the most is that ability to make someone feel alive, even if it's just through pictures. I value people like this and people like Maya come fewer than a dime a dozen. While most people just see a beautiful woman when they see all of her incredible modeling pictures, she's so much more than that.


She's one of the dopest human beings that I know and I wouldn't trade her for the world.



That's my friend Maya and I'm proud to introduce her to the fold and to the site. I included all of her links to her social media for you guys to follow if you choose to or you can look at all her pretty dope modeling pictures that she has up. She's a pretty cool and down to earth person so you shouldn't have a problem engaging in a conversation when she's online. Well that's my friend Maya and I hope you guys enjoyed this post.


Until next time. 

All photos were taken by the awesome photographer Ocean.
Check out his Instagram here: @SmallerOcean
His personal website here:

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