Quiet As Kept

I will never understand simple human behavior, never.

This person who I just recently cut off all ties to because they were a cancer to my life did something very unnerving and weird to me. There was a conversation bought up to me where the person was just complaining and complaining, not really offering anything other than complaints and condescending remarks towards the person who they were talking about. And at the end of their story, (in which I wasn't listening at all and I was trying to make that evident the whole time), they asked me if I agreed and I said no. Then when they asked why I replied with: "I don't really have a reason, it's just not what would have done in that situation, but then again we're two different people".

Lawd that set them off when I said that to them.

I realized that people will get mad with you when you don't agree with them or you don't want to argue with them. I've been down that road where I made the mistake of falling into the trap and entertaining their stupid desires. Once I realized that arguing with someone about something that I disagreed with was a waste of my time I suddenly became a happier person. So anytime someone thought to even attempt to illicit an argument from me I either got up and left or I said that they got it and let them talk their self blue in the face. But at this particular instant it was just a person that was annoying me for the longest that I didn't particularly care about just seemed intent on getting an argument out of me that day.

And oh how they wish they listened and didn't poke the bear.

My response was simple and concise, I told them that I didn't care about them, their life, their meaningless conversations and their meaningless opinions. I told them that their time was up and that no one really liked them anymore because they have become THAT person that no one wants to hear talk anymore. I told them that their whole argument is based off the fact that they are simply in want of the spotlight.

But of course I was the bad guy after that, of course.

They started complaining about how mean I was and this and that. I honestly didn't care, especially if I tried so many times to tell this person that they need to calm down and relax because life isn't about all the drama and unnecessary complications that they were bringing to life. The point of that whole story is that there are always going to be those people who always want to make their life about drama and nothing productive. The only thing that you can do is cut them off and move on from them because they aren't going to do anything but bring you down.

One of the biggest lessons in life that I've learned that rings true to this day is that people come and go. You can't hold onto a person longer than you're suppose to because it's going to start draining your energy and positive vibes down. You have to do what's best for you to preserve your happiness, and if someone is disrupting that, then you have to let them go. But for me right before I did, I let them know what was really good. I know I could have been a better person, but eh, petty. Any who, moral of the story, stay away from those kind of people, the end.

Have you run across these kind of people? If so how do you deal with them? Leave it in the comments below, I'm interested to hear.

Until next time.

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