How To Survive Mercury Retrograde

So I was on Twitter one night, minding my business, and I saw this zodiac account by the name of The Dark Pixie tweeting some very valuable things about Mercury Retrograde. If you don't know anything about Mercury Retrograde, then you can read all up on it here. But in lamest terms, it's at time where you don't want to do too much of free winging and nonchalant thinking.

It's definitely a horoscope thing so if you don't believe in it then you can click off back to the home page. But if you do believe in that sort of thing  then here are 20 tips pulled from their Twitter timeline I think would be awesome sources of help for you guys.
  1. Keep weapons away from electronics. Don't tempt yourself 2 use them when tech fails.
  2. Don't engage in Twitter beefs. There are NO winners.
  3. Listen instead of hearing.
  4. Think before you speak. Then think again.
  5. Triple check any documents. And maybe sign with a fake name.
  6. Read the fine print with a magnifying glass.
  7. Avoid young people if you don't want to feel old.
  8. Take advantage of second chances.
  9. Re-evaluate the way you communicate and how you can express yourself more clearly.
  10. Plan for the worst and hope for the slightly worst.
  11. Finish before the retrograde is over what you start during the retrograde.
  12. Edit. EVERYTHING.
  13. Clear out the clutter in your life (which may include your boyfriend/girlfriend)
  14. Review exactly how you came to a decision when you begin to doubt yourself.
  15. If you're going backward, it's for a reason. Figure out what it is.
  16. Don't take the internet seriously. Or this list.
  17. Reconnect with people you've missed. That could even include yourself.
  18. Revisit old plans. They may just work this time.
  19. Play loud music to drown out the voices inside your head.
  20.  If anything goes wrong, blame Mercury!
I hope those helped and once again that's from The Dark Pixie and their twitter can be found here along with their website

Until next time!

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