The Zoe Appreciation Post

I feel appreciated.

There are a few things that I keep close to my chest in life: my family, my beliefs, my goals and my finances. While I talk about them sometimes, I don't openly discuss them at length because I simply believe that the things that you hold near and dear to your heart should be protected at all times. I believe that given the chance, someone will come along and wish to destroy all that you have simply because they either want it or they envy you for having something they don't.

Those are just the facts of life.

But sometimes you run into people that wish genuinely and wholeheartedly nothing but the best for you. They wish for nothing but the best and they will always want you to succeed at anything you put your honest effort into. You either meet these people before the thoughts are even formulated, when they're just in their infancy, when you're struggling to figure out the next step or when you have everything you need to win except that voice of encouragement; they are always right on time.

That's where Zoe of Dear Queens comes into play.

I couldn't tell you the exact day in which I knew Zoe was going to be my equal in this blogging world, but I knew it pretty early on. Before I even had a single conversation with her, I read up and through her blog. There were some posts I lingered on and some I had to stop reading for awhile because they hit so close to home; but by the end of it all, I just knew. What was even more evident of the fact is that she welcomed my invitation for friendship with an open heart.

What most people seem to not realize about me is that I'm faith driven. That means that there is nothing that I do that I don't contribute to the Lord's blessings. So when I win, it's because of him; when I lose, it's because he wanted me to learn something. It all starts and ends with him and most people these days seem to get away from that notion. The main reason that love and always support Zoe's blog Dear Queens is because that's what she personifies; the lessons she's received from God.

When I write here on this blog about stories that have happened to me in the past, it's with the intention to educate others of my mistakes as well. With a few tweaks here and there between the two blogs on the things we choose to post, for the most part we are one in the same. We both write stories about how the good Lord has blessed us with wisdom, pain, triumph, sadness and ultimately he's bringing us into our purpose through these trials and tribulations.

Another thing that people didn't know about me is that I struggled with said purpose over the past few months. I'm not going to say what exactly it was that triggered it, but just know it affected my level of self appreciation for what I was doing here on the blog. For awhile I planned to just walk away and quit and just find something else to put my time into. I sat and talked to myself and figured out exactly what it was I wanted to do. After realizing that people actually read my posts for the purpose that I wanted them to, (and that's to actually help them with their lives), I decided to take an extended break.

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Of course when I told Zoe she was all for it, she was still all for it after I told her the amount of time I was shooting for; (even after she got done whiffing at me lol). Even more recently when I was putting out my year end information about the blog and was being incredibly hard on myself for not reaching the goals that I wanted to do, she was still there supporting, like she always did. She reminded me that purpose isn't about the numbers, but about what I took from the work that I did.

Well even after all of that, it wasn't until a simple tweet linking back to @GlamSavvy's post 5 Lessons On Purpose vs. Popularity on twitter that I realized just how special Zoe is to me. We all need that one person who we can come to and bounce that idea off, even if it's crazy as all outdoors, and they'll talk to you about it and either tell you how foolish it sounds or how awesome it sounds. But at the end of that idea, they'll support you whatever way you decide to go with it. We also need that one person who we can express our frustrations to even when we think we're being a burden and we don't want to bother anyone.

We all need that one friend and in this thing that we call blogging, Zoe is that friend for me.

I could go on and on about how awesome Zoe is and all of the things that she does to keep that creative and spiritual connection that I have within my writing style together. I'm usually the big brother when it comes to blogging sometimes because a lot of people ask me what they should do or what I think. I have zero problems with that because I believe that my thing is to be supportive and to help people find ways to their goals. But sometimes I also need that ear to bend and that wonderful advice, and since I'm so fickle and I know so much about stuff, I need someone that knows more about the things that I know. Or to simply to look at things from a different angle because they get where I'm trying to go and where it's coming from.

That person is Zoe, creator of the wonderful Dear Queens, winner of Best Faith Blog and Best New Blog and overall outstanding human. I just wanted to let you guys in on one of the people that supports this blog and me the most. And it feels damned good to be appreciated by someone who understands my purpose.

I'm proud to call her, sister.

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