Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review

This movie wasn't even close to being bad as everyone made it out to seem.

I'm in the minority when I say I liked Man of Steel and I liked this movie because of the darker tone. While Marvel is definitely geared towards the kids, (and seems to head that direction more and more), DC is going the opposite way and doing things on their own terms. I'm not mad at this outcome one bit, seeing as how you have to offer something drastically different from your competition to pull in viewers. I personally believe when it's all said and done, DC will have a better run than Marvel for a lot of reasons. But that's for another time and place to discuss.

There were a lot reasons as to why this movie didn't preform highly at the box office. The main reason as to why this movie failed to cross the billion dollar threshold is simply because we saw too much of the damn movie in the trailers. Comparing what I saw in trailers and spoilers that hit the internet, I managed to piece together about 98% of it. While I'm personally able to phase out of all of that stuff, (even though I shouldn't have to), a lot of people felt as though there was no real reason to go and pay for a movie that they can basically watch it on YouTube for free.

I honestly don't blame them one bit for that way of thinking.

But for those of us who went to see the movie were let in on a surprise: it was actually better than all of the mashed up trailers that were floating around at the time. Had the movie not shown everything in the trailers, I think this movie would have performed better than what it did. Although it raked in a lot, the production was still on the high side so it still looks bad. But other than those annoying tidbits, everyone did their job well. Well except Jesse Eisenberg, his portrayal of Lex Luthor was a huge miss for me. Now if the rumors are that he is actually playing Lex Jr. rather than Lex himself then it would be a bit more believable; but still it was a miss for me in terms of casting.

Other than the miss on Lex everyone else was pretty outstanding in their roles. Ben Affleck made a way better Bruce Wayne than we all were hoping for, so that was a great plus in this movie. I like Gal Gadot and I think she made a great looking Wonder Woman as well. But it was the appearance of my man Jeremy Irons that set things off for me. I'm a big fan of his and I'm glad that they went with the more kick ass version of Alfred instead of the loyal and old butler gimmick; (even though I loved Michael Caine from the Nolan saga). The cast worked great together and it was cool seeing Bruce and Clark square off against each other before either realized who the other was.

Justice League will undoubtedly be better.

For all of it's supposed failures, (like the silly beef with the color of Superman's costume), this movie did everything that it was supposed to do, (to me at least). Personally I think this should have been the intro to the Justice League movies rather than a Superman sequel. He has way too many enemies that he could do battle with on his own and it be just as entertaining as any other superhero movie. But since we got all of the awkwardness out of the way the team will come together quite nicely when it's all said and done at the end of the movie. For me the biggest takeaway is what is Superman going to look like when he rises up from that grave.

Overall I give it a solid B+. It didn't blow me away and didn't disappoint either. I maintain that had the trailers not shown 90% of the movie, I would have had a better reaction to what was going to come in the closing moments of the movie. Special effects and action sequences were on point, as well as the supporting cast. Well, I was annoyed with how they killed off Jimmy Olsen so quick. That was a terrible idea seeing as how Jimmy is a big part of the Superman comics, made no sense to just kill him. But other than that and Lex's casting, I'm ok with this movie.

Did you see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? If so I want to know in the comments below how you feel about the movie as well.

Until next time!

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