My First Trip To The Circus

So this was pretty awesome seeing as how I've never been before.

I think the reason that I've never been to the circus before was because I was never interested in it in the first place. When it came across my lap to go I decided to myself "hey why not" because usually I don't go too many places these days, well with all the crappy weather). But going was one of the better decision that made last month and I have some pretty cool pictures to share from said experience.

Had some pretty cool seats right in the front.

Of course they had a cool opening with the flag and all.

The ringleader made a pretty cool entrance.

And the camels pretty much did their thing.

Really cool moment with the balancing act. Reminded me that one scene from Batman & Robin.

The elephants were pretty cool, until I got a good show of them pooping lol.

Forget pole dancing, what these chicks did was nothing short of amazing.

This was the one thing that I wanted to see, this guy really did do his thing.

Then these random poodles came out and did some cool, quick tricks.

The ringleader came out and everyone did their big number with style.

The bikers and strong men were cool too, just didn't get any good pictures of them.

Overall this was a pretty cool experience to finally cross off my many things to do in life. Everyone keeps telling me that I have to check out the Universal Soul Circus. I'll probably do that sometime next year. It was pretty cool that I get to share with you guys things I've never done before that's considered taboo. I'm excited for the next thing on my list to show you all.

Until next time!

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