March 2016


Just a random thought: I wish I was a full time blogger.

As of late I've been on a writing kick, but the way my mind works I have more drafts coming in than writings going out. That's a good thing because I'll always have something to write about, but then again it's bad because I actually have a writings that sit too long that need attention. I was thinking the other day that a part of me wishes that I was full time writer or at the very least had a solid month off of work with my bills fully paid so that I can knock off the majority of these writings. There are plenty of posts that I could be working on and things that I could be working on when they are all out of the way. But then I started thinking about how I would probably never be fully done with any of my drafts and that I'll be working on those until the day that I die.

It's just the nature of the beast.

But other than that, life is great. Everything is slowly starting to fall into place and I have a lot things to do with myself these days. I've focused solely on myself and rededicated myself to the things I want to do and the activities that make me happy. The responses have been nothing short of amazing and I'm completely fine with how everything is playing out at the current moment. I don't have everything that I want, but I recognize that I'm moving into a position to get those things with the blessings that I'm currently receiving and about to receive.

If you're waiting on the time to strike, the time is now.

The season is about to change to the type of weather that I love. Which means that I'm going to be outside more and doing more cool and exciting things with myself. I've been meeting a lot of cool people lately and hopefully that translates into doing some new and exciting stuff that I've never had a chance to do before. I know one thing I am looking forward to and that's being able to go to the bar or restaurant and sit out on the patio with some cool individuals and have those cool and introspective conversations  that intellects have.

The 52 Week Money Challenge is starting to ramp up a bit, but I'm hanging in there. here's what it looks like for this month:

Week 10: 10 (Account Balance: $55)
Week 11: 11 (Account Balance: $66)
Week 12: 12 (Account Balance: $78)
Week 13: 13 (Account Balance: $91)

That pretty much does it for March. At the moment I'm just working on opportunities and fixing stuff around the site. So if you see something wrong then just let me know and I'll go back and change it immediately. Be on the lookout for some music related blogs when it comes to Kanye, they're bound to be some good ones.

As always, if there is something that you would like Cold Knowledge to cover,  just let me know in the comments below or simply email me at I'm excited to hear from you guys this year, and don't forget the links below.

Until next time guys and gals!

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