15 Random Questions

So I was asked to answer ten random questions awhile back, then just yesterday Tiffany of Addiction sent me some new questions right when I was working on the original ten. So instead of using them for later I decided to take a five from that list and make it 15 for you guys. I figured this would be the best way to get to know a little more about me here and there.

I did something similar called Line of Questioning, Vol. 1, but this one is a quick hitter until Line of Questioning, Part 2 comes out. Here it is in full swing:

1. Why are you single? | Because I suck as a human and I'm ugly looking lol. OK not really, there's a time and a place for everything. If you try to rush anything then it will end up failing, that's one the lessons I learned about life in the last two years. So whenever it's time for me to have a girlfriend, I will have one. Until then, I'm happy being single and free lol.

2. What do you dream about at night? | Whatever my mind sees fit lol. No seriously from what I can remember about my dreams it's pretty much whatever my mind settles on for that night. Most of the time it's me dreaming about being a super hero or getting into some kind of trouble without any repercussions. You know, what normal people dream about and want.

3. What are you afraid of? | Dying without telling my story and living to see it get better. It's no secret that being black in this country has been a hard task to carry out since we were bought here. Although it's getting worse in terms of killing us in broad daylight I still think there's room for success. Well either that or I'm going to die trying so that someone else can stand on top of my shoulders and get to where I couldn't go.

4. What’s your favorite song? | I couldn't tell you just one song that's my favorite but if I had to choose one it would probably be The Notorious B.I.G.'s One More Chance / Stay With Me [Remix]. I've said for years that it's one of the most complete songs in Hip-Hop history and it's just chalked full of great vibes.

5. Hit the club or Netflix and chill? | Netflix and chill hands down for the simple fact that I've been there and done that with the club. I'll go to the bar and what not, but just chilling in the house is my kind of thing now because I don't do often; since I have a life and all.

6. Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West? | Kanye West all day, hands down. If you take away all of the antics and other things that are designed to seek attention, you have one of the top 3 producers of all time. When he's focused he can go toe to toe with anyone on anyday in terms of what he does for music. I mean you don't have to believe me or anything, just go look at his catalog.

7. What’s your ideal date? | Preferably something fun that requires a lot of interaction and talking. I think the one thing that's lost these days is the art of interacting, so I would want to do something that makes us forget that we have phones for a couple of hours. That could be a simple cup of coffee, a round of laser tag or watching a movie and then discussing it over drinks at a cozy little bar somewhere.

8. Where would you go if money wasn’t an issue. | Egypt, easily. I think it's more so a thing of security than anything but if I could do it freely then it would be Egypt and all of it's greatness. There's so much there to see and marvel at and so much history to learn about that part of the world. I mean it's not just limited to Egypt but also the surrounding areas, but that's definitely my number one place to go.

9. What’s your deepest wish. | For this world to get it together before it's too late. I mean you see all of these movies about natural disasters and men with power destroying the world yet we do nothing about it. It's like watching a movie about your life that someone from the future sent you and you choose to act like it never existed. The war, pollution and disease that spreads across the world because men with power think it's better to profit off suffering than to spread wisdom, love and peace. But this isn't anything new, so I'm just stuck here wishing.

10. Do you believe in magic? | Yes I do, I see and admire black women every single day.

11. What’s your dream job? | After I accomplish all of the goals that I have set for myself at the moment with my current field? Then it would definitely have to be a full time blogger. I would love to do what I have planned in my mind and on paper because it would bridge the gap to so many different areas.

12. What’s your favorite book? | As of right now it's going to be the 48 Laws of Power simply because it's having a profound impact on what I'm doing right now in life. If you want to know more about how this book affected me you can read the review here.

13. What are you mad about? | Mad at all these idiot Trump supporters who don't seem to rely on ration or factual evidence as to why so many things are fundamentally wrong in this country. Oh and how they back track when they get caught in a outright lie.

14. What are you excited about? | I'm most excited about the opportunities that are coming my way in the near future. There are a lot of things coming down the pipe line and I'm really excited to face all of it. It's going to be hard and a bit intimidating, but what's life without a little adversity and new obstacles to get over.

15. Are you afraid for the future? | Not at all. Most people run away from the future because they can't handle the element of not knowing, for me that's half of the fun right there. I don't concentrate on the what if's or what could be's, I focus on what's going on right now and do the best I can so that it can yield a positive tomorrow. I can't control the future because there are too many external factors, the only thing that I can do is stay true to myself and keep moving towards a better tomorrow.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, some very random questions to hold you over until the second installment of Line of Questioning. Hopefully this will do me some justice and create some more interest about the man behind it all here on Cold Knowledge. Per the usual, if there are any questions you can leave them in the comment box below.

Until next time guys!

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