The World Is Dying & You Know It is

"We're fucked."

Sometimes I sit back and I think about the world. Not the wealth of the world, not the the shiny things you can get from said wealth or all of the beautiful people; I mean the actual planet. The pollution, famine, extinction of animals, all of the things you see post apocalyptic movies talk about. I think about this stuff because no matter how many warnings we have in the form of animals dying off randomly, major shifts in the climate that bring about weather change and land becoming more and more un-farmable, (if that's even the word for it). We know of every single problem and future problem that could plague this world, yet we do nothing about it.

And that's the most amazing thing to me about this whole deal, we know but we won't do anything about it. Time and time again you see these movies like I said before about the collapse of human civilization, but yet there are no real steps taken towards it because of humanities flawed way of thinking. Whoever, at whatever point in time, decided that money is the main focus in this world. You literally cannot save people without money, and that's the root of every single problem that we have in this world. As you look at the situation in Flint, (and every other impoverished city in the U.S.), with the water being poisoned basically, one can't help to wonder why it's so hard to fix it.

Simple answer is because there is no money to made from it.

Greedy politicians and the private sector always put a dollar amount on anything that they can get their hands on. Instead of thinking about what is going on in the world and making the changes necessary for future generations to survive, they want to simply get rich now, live to the end of their days and die comfortably in their own piece. They think that they are setting up their families to be taken care of in the event something happens, when in reality when the time comes they'll simply be just like the rest of us; struggling to survive.

Scientists point out how the worlds rain forests are virtually becoming extinct, the amount of trash in the ocean is reaching an outstanding rate and the old butt of the jokes ozone layer gradually keeps getting worse. The serious question that I have to wonder is who is responsible for the lack of preparation and reversal of future occurrences and the first thought that comes to mind is the United States of America.

Supposedly the big bad super power of the world, the U.S. is no more than a joke to me. When you as the leader of the free world can't seem to move beyond the simple notions of judging a man based on skin color, then you are weaker than any third world country on this planet. The education system is a joke, the health system is a joke and the financial system is a joke. This country is in debt and the only thing that it continues to do is tax people into messed up health situations, depending on medications that they cannot afford, until they ultimately die.

The United States of America isn't for it's people, it's for the 1% with all of the wealth. Which is sad because if the U.S. collapses, so does the dollar. So in the end when people are trying to run away and escape this country, where are you going to go? You're not going to have any money to simply run somewhere and hide, you'll be stuck, just like the rest of us. And that's the problem, they are scared to know what life is like living on the bottom with the rest of us.

The world is dying, that's the simple truth of things. While people are coming to terms that they will never be financially free due to the high cost of everything and the low paying jobs, they're slowly leaning towards not caring. Every single empire must fall due to the fact that it grows too big for it's own arrogance, and the U.S. seems to be well on it's way to doing just that. The bigger question that remains to be asked is what's going to happen to the world when it's all said and done.

If the U.S. takes the coward way out by getting into a nuclear war, (which isn't as far off as people think it is), then the world is definitely going to be dead and waiting to be blown out of the universe. I for one am a thinker and a dreamer, and it would be nice to be exploring space by now seeing as how we should be way more technologically advanced than we are. The simple fact remains though, the majority of the world's population doesn't realize what they're doing is killing this world.

Man, along with all his self destructing tendencies, still has a great chance of correcting themselves. There are some bright people in this world held down by systems of oppression that have been around since the inception of civilization to the known world. This world has so much to offer but yet the whole notion that monetary gains is the ultimate goal is both destructive and sad. Most people who live based off what they're told won't understand their actions until long after they are gone. Those whole are cognitive of what's going on in the world are constantly frustrated by those whole seek to be selfish and only do what they do for themselves only.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wold is dying. The only thing that we're really doing about it is contributing to it's eventual demise.

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