Weight of The World By Calling On Constellations | Single Review

I really, really, really like this song.

So one thing about reviewing music is that I don't ever review music that I don't like. So you're never going to see a negative review from me on here because each song that I review is one that I listen to even when I'm not reviewing it. I was kind of nervous reviewing music that's typically not the style of music that I listen to a normal day. I mean I listen to a wide range of music, but I didn't want to get anything wrong with the specifics of it when critquing a genre I'm not all too familiar with.

But saying all that to say that I had no worries after actually listening to this song.

I'm the type of person that loves energetic songs that uplift you and make you feel better. I like songs that serve a purpose and make you feel like there's a reason for listening to that song. And most importantly I love when the artist puts their own creative touch to the song. When I was listening to this song I got all of that and more that I wanted. You can tell that this song was given it's maximum effort.

The one thing that I loved when the song first started was the lead in with the vocals and the smoothness of it all. It's like he set the tone of the song and then kicked it up a notch immediately afterwards. It's a somber song that makes you feel like you can do anything because shortly thereafter telling you what's going on he tells you that he indeed "believes in a brighter day".

When listening to this song it just sounds like one of those songs that you hear at that precise moment in the movie where the hero finds that slim chance of hope and clings on to it while making a way to accomplish the impossible. This kind of music inspires you to do whatever it is that you think you can't do by giving you reasons why he didn't, but telling you that you he did because he believes. It doesn't hurt for a second with the awesome guitar work on his part, the awesome chorus, right along with the awesome drum work that he has in there.

This is simply a song that you don't want to miss out on, especially if you need that one song to give you that right amount of hope and to give you that extra boost. I know for a fact that I'm going to buy this song and add it to my list of songs I use to give me that extra boost when I need it. All in all this is a great surprise that came across my email and I'm happy to share it with you guys.

You can most definitely check it out via YouTube and BandCamp in the links below:

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