May 2016

Well it's almost the halfway point of the year; crazy right?

Not too long ago we were just talking about how we were ready for winter to be over and now we're looking at consistent balls hot weather, great. I'm not really a fan of really hot weather, but I am currently enjoying me some nice spring weather. I'm making the most of it when I can, in the spots that I can make it happen in. Slowly, but surely, people have been making their way out in the cool evenings, (although it's still too cold for most). I'm sorry to all my folks up there in the northern and Midwestern states where it's snowing still. And I hope everyone in Houston and surrounding areas are taking care of themselves with all of the flooding.

It's been a bit slow around these parts because I'm currently engaged with working two full time jobs at the moment. I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely tired most of the time to the point where I barely fold my clean laundry. But here I am, trying to crank them out for you guys. By now if you're a long time reader you know that I'm not afraid to take a break when need be, so if I feel like I can't write up to par because of my current work load, then expect a break shortly thereafter.

But as for right now, I'm all good.

Another bit of exciting news for the blog, my new logo! Yea I know it's been a long time coming, but I finally decided to upgrade the logo and I've been hearing a lot of good things about it. This isn't the final version of what i want, (because you know I can never be satisfied with anything when it comes to this blog). The logo is just another thing in a line of small changes that I'm slowly implementing on here on the blog. I actually have a couple of other things lined up that I'm working on. When they will be released? Who knows the answer to that question. Just know that sooner or later you'll see them go into effect, so keep your eyes open.

But beyond the small changes, it's pretty much business as usual around here in terms of the posting content. I'm actually thinking about taking it down to about one post a week starting in June, I haven't decided yet, but I'll let you all know if I make that decision in the June update. It's not that I don't have the posts to do it, but more so about slowing down the amount of posting and actually focusing on the posts themselves and promoting them all properly. With each writing I'm starting to become more invested in, (as if that was possible), than previous years and entries.

But that's how the game goes sometimes.

But that about does it for this months update, just working and getting all the fun in where I can. I haven't listened to much music this year, but I'm working on that at the current moment as well, so I'll have more of an update for you when June comes around. The movie reviews have been coming in kind of slow because I haven't been writing them like I was suppose to. Expect a whole bunch to be posted this month and to get you all caught up with my reviews so far for this year.

Is there anything that you want to see here on the blog, or any kind of feedback that you would like to share, leave it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you guys and gals out there.

Until next time!

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