August 2015

Well look who it is, August.

So we're entering the final stages of the year, where the last of the cookouts will be held, just one more beach trip is to be had and those homecoming's will start to take effect. Most importantly the weather starts to change into the cooler, more friendly kind of atmosphere. August bridges that summer feeling into the fall feeling kind of effortlessly, which is a good thing. So since there's all this change due to the weather, let's talk about a couple of changes that's happening here on the blog.

Well the first change that comes to mind is the shift in content from being all over the place to actually having a purpose. For the last couple of years I didn't really have a real purpose for blogging on this site other than getting my life experiences out there and hopefully someone learning from my mistakes. Well now that I've progressed through pretty much all of my mistakes that I could think of at the time, it's time to start blogging about the current phase that I'm in at the moment, and that's change. I'm currently on this mental freeing journey where I'm learning so much truth about what's going on in the world and it's bringing me closer to my roots and ultimately I'm understanding the person that I actually am. So you'll see a lot of different posts from me simply because I'm trying things out and seeing how it works, but most importantly I'm reaching out and taking risks. 

Times like this calls for change, and it's now or never.

And with the coming change there is a greater need to talk about what's going on in my community, the African American community. I will admit that I am one man so the coverage that is needed cannot be covered by just me, and that's something that I will work on changing. I'm going to be featuring some people with some very interesting views on social injustices and other issues that currently plague society. I'm excited about these individuals and what they have to bring to the table. But as far as posts from me on the matter, just know I'm going to flood the blog with them over the next couple of weeks. I've completed over 20 posts already and I'm posting them all this month and I hope that I can get them out in a timely manner because you know, the killings haven't slowed down at all, and there will always be a need to write about another one.

The only blogging related goal this month is to become more personal within my network of bloggers that I have been building up the last couple of months. It's always good to network and establish connections, but I want my connections and networking to be deeper and have a more elaborate way of working together. I want to not only work here on the site with them, but branch out my writing style and work on their site as well. So it's going to be a pretty interesting month in terms of networking, and I'm also excited about the amount of new bloggers that I could potentially meet throughout the course of it. Oh and another thing I'm working on in terms of the blog is my graphics. I want to get away from using just pictures that I don't own, and start adding stuff to stock photos. Above is my first try so if you have any pointers, I'd like to hear them.

Health wise I'm trying the whole no meat or meat related products for the month, and it's been a struggle so far. I have my new wonderful boo to thank for this, she's a vegan so I'm trying to walk a mile in her shoes for the month. I mean it's not bad, and I haven't tried the tofu thing yet, but it's interesting to see all of the alternates and how reading being vegan increases some things. Like I told her, it's a day by day type of deal, and I promise to give my best foot forward. I know last month I drank way too much soda and ate out way too much for my liking, so I have to cut back on all of that and get back to what I was doing for pretty much the whole year. 

Here are my top movies of the year so far in terms of what I've reviewed so far:

3. Spy Movie Review
4. Ant-Man Movie Review
5. Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review
6. San Andreas Movie Review
7. Furious 7 Movie Review
8. The Divergent Series: Insurgent Movie Review
9. Jurassic World Movie Review
10. Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

Here are the top Rap / Hip-Hop songs I like so far this year:

And here are the top R&B songs that I like so far this year:

Remember both of those playlists are on Spotify so you can listen to it fairly easy.

But that does it for the monthly update and goals that I have for you guys this month, I'm interested to hearing what you have planned for August, so feel free to leave comments in the section below.

Until next time guys!
  1. Great goals for August and some of which I can definitely relate too especially about blogging and taking risks.


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