Lunchtime With My Therapist

It's going to be a sad, sad day when therapy is over for me.

And before you ask, the lyrics I chose because it's her favorite song, something I recently learned today. So I decided to use the lyrics, plus I've never used MJ up here. Today was pretty awesome because we sat outside and ate some Chic-Fil-A for our session. That's the type of thing she does, she makes it comfortable to talk to her, and she reads me based off that. I think for me, that's the best approach, because laying on that couch or sitting in that chair, I wasn't as forthcoming as I could've been.

But today we just sat back and just talked about any and everything. I didn't realize how she was until she started talking about her life growing up and mention that The Lady In My Life was her favorite song as a kid. But it was cool to know that she came from humble beginnings, going through a major life change & subsequent struggle and triumph. What I thought was a casual conversation was actually her doing her final evaluation on me.

I didn't know until the end of lunch what she was doing, of course when she told me. She just kind of stopped and looked up, and flat out told me, "if you don't get it together & make it, I'll personally come and kick you in the ass". That's the type of care is what I'm use to. I'm not use to the "I'm proud of you", "you make me proud" or the "I love you" kind of lines. I'm use to the rude and sarcastic comments, those are the ways I know a person gets me and they know how to say they're proud of me or they believe without having to say it.

But at the end of the lunch she said that there was pretty much nothing left for me to do in therapy. It's time for me to go use what I learned about myself and put it to good use. She said out of all the patients she said she had, I'm probably the only one that came to many of the realizations by myself, and was very humbled by the experience. That when it comes to the end of the day, she'll put her whole bank account on me as the one person that will do what they were put here to do.

I can honestly say that I'm glad that I went into therapy. I'm glad that instead of doing what I was conditioned and so use to do, I decided that it was time for a change. Documenting my trials and tribulations about therapy and sharing them with you guys was the least I could do. I know it's hard for African Americans, especially males, to go to therapy. If anything, I hope my post at least inspired one person to go and seek help so they can make the changes they need to in life. Don't let it get to a point where you just give up, someone helping you isn't the end of the world, it's actually the beginning. So if you need the help, look for it, most of the time it's free to go to, just have to do the research. You just have to believe within yourself that it's time for a change, for you, and you only.

Until the next time guys, stay blessed.
  1. I wish you nothing but the best in your new chapter in life. I commend you for being transparent and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this blog. I'm sure this blog will help someone who really needed to understand getting help is nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of.

    1. Yea, and I just want people out there, mainly African American males, to know that it's ok to seek help and get it, we all need it.


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