The Last Meal

This is what happiness looks like to me lol.

So I was going to start this diet in January, but I asked myself "Why wait"? I figured since Thanksgiving was going to be a hearty meal, I might as well make it my last. This is a black day in the history of me because today marks the day that I'm giving up pork and red meat. I'm going to strictly regulate myself to chicken and seafood products. I'm from South Carolina, so this transition shall be a hard one lol. Well not really, I actually already cut out a lot of things already over the past couple of months like:

1. Drinking sodas.
2. Eating sweets.
3. Drinking alcohol.
4. Cutting down on fast food.
5. Staying away from fried products.

I say that it's starting to show, I've been slimming down as of sort without really working out like that. Last time I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago I was down a solid 10lbs. So now that I've decided to take red meat, a lot of starch and most pork, (because I'm never giving up bacon), I can start implementing that with working out to start really seeing change. I'm going to highlight in my 2015 blog my plans for the year as far as physical act ivies go. But starting now will definitely help me reach the six month goals that I have set out.

I just wanted to share this sad day with you guys because this food was really great, the leftovers are going to be even better. I've been waiting on this moment all year just so I can have some of this delicious macaroni & cheese and turkey. But I'm afraid after this, there's no Christmas dinner in my future. I'm going to just opt not eat that and move right into starting this diet so I can come into the new year refreshed physically, well as best as I can. But I'm ready and pretty excited because in addition to that, my cousin has decided to challenge me to a 30 day challenge for December. So there's the added motivation there and support to start off strong.

Tell me about your holiday in the comments below. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and don't forget to check out the Thanksgiving blog I posted earlier in the week here at this link.

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