Justice Denied.

Take a second and look at that image, please.

At first I wasn't going to write anything in regards to this situation because I have certain obligations that prevent me from making comments against any kind of law enforcement agency, whether it be locally or federally. Now I could try to write about this and be very careful of what I say, but there is really no way to be careful on how to say it. There will always be someone in an government agency surfing the internet with a sophisticated algorithm that spots a combination of words or sentences that are deemed offensive towards the United States of America.

I also wasn't going to write about this situation this early because I wanted my own personal emotions to calm down and subside just a tad so I can put together a blog of well formulated opinions. I didn't want to get up here and just sound like a man who's being hateful or defending things that I "favor because of my skin color". I also didn't want to be influenced decisions based off the many ignorant comments that I have seen within the last 24hrs of this decision.

But to hell with all of that.

This decision is downright atrocious, unjust, and point blank sad. What's even worse is that with all the information that was leaked about the grand jury hearing, and the subsequent movements tracked by every media outlet of Darren Wilson, you knew he was going to walk free. If you add up the fact that he was in hiding for so long, got funded by certain organizations, got married, and "negotiated" his resign, there was no way in the world he was going to get indicted. Simply put, Mike Brown's death was fumbled from start when he was laying on the ground, uncovered, for 4 and a half hours, to the many attempts by the media to refute the eye witness testimonies of the "black" witnesses".

Now I would understand a lawyer's position of trying to explain to the public how this whole situation was misconstrued, the forensic evidence being conclusive and the eye witness testimonies being faulty, if he was representing the defense. But instead we had the prosecutor of all people get up there and rail off facts that we've known since day one of the shooting, be very vague about other details such as why 12 shots were needed and downright criminalized not only Mike Brown, but made it seem like the eye witness testimonies just wanted to see Darren Wilson hang. In addition to that, no one understands why the decision was held for so long into the night when it was made earlier in the day.

Sadly this is the same game we've been playing since we got to this country.

Granted this isn't slavery, this isn't the 1900's, the 60's, the 70's or the 80's. It isn't open season on the black man where any person can pick up a rifle and gun us down in the streets anymore and all the heads turned with no one saying anything. It's no secret that their preferred method of dealing with us now a days is to make money off of us by making it hard to obtain opportunities for a better life, making us depend on government assistance for years, penalize us for being black on applications that we fill to better ourselves and then filling their prisons with men who had no other choice but to do what they had to do. On the other side it's either be a criminal, pick up a microphone and rap some words that eventually will go on to be hits for heads of record companies, or play some sport that generally rakes in billions of dollars for owners of teams and heads of each organization. That's the system that has replaced broad daylight lynchings and hangings. But even with all of that being said, that's still no secret.

The point I'm getting to is that this is 2014 and the hate that this country has had for the African American male is publicized to its greatest lengths because of the advancements in technology. No longer are people going through grade school wondering why the history books don't speak on the worse parts this country put people through. No longer are the days where the stories of our elders being persecuted in the middle of the street for simply wanting better opportunities for education and finance to simply feed our children. And no longer are the days where the many organizations can use their money and power to silence our cries in various media outlets to control the public image.

We have a voice, and they know it.

They know that we are getting stronger, more educated and more organized. With each passing year, more and more of our elders from those generations of where oppression was open, are passing away. So now is the time that we document and save their words of how they were treated, and what kept them from backing down. They know that's what it's coming to, and they're trying to control it by any means necessary. The deaths of these young men in the last 10 years are not the first, and most certainly not the last. Everyone likes to point out that there was "someone before Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin"; they like to point out that "you kill each other in the streets". They like to point out a whole bunch of things, but the fact of the matter is, they're killing our unarmed young men in the middle of the streets, and this is the breaking point.

Now I'm not going to sit here and say that all white people are the devil, that's not true. Not going to sit here and say that all police officers are the devil as well, also not true. Just like how people sit here and say that all black people are not criminals and thugs and get mad when people generalize us as such, we have to treat other races as such. We are not targeting races, we are targeting the racists. We are targeting those who think their ideals of oppression are valid and that inequality is the way of life. We are targeting those who wish to do us harm because they are simply afraid and uneducated. We are targeting the ones who need to come out of power, and come out of it now.

Two things I want to address before I go.

The first one being that people are completely clueless in this country about the issues at hand. Statements like "well the forensics proved he was guilty" prove that people are either oblivious to the veil that covers our country, or they simply are too scared to ruffle some feathers to make a change. I've read multiple comments on message boards sharing the same sentiments, but one guy challenged all of those comments with one simple comment, "what do you know about being oppressed by a system that never wanted to see you succeed in the first place?", No one responded to him. Racism isn't just people going out to kill you or deny you opportunities for success; it's a learned behavior that needs to be broken. Sadly with Mike Brown's decision came a lot of light on how certain individuals think and act towards African Americans, keep your eyes open and remember these comments.

And the other thing being, what should we as a people do? At first I was against the riots because I felt like, what's the use of damaging your homes and communities where you have to eventually live and go to work every day. But then as I watched over the last couple of days of how the police treated the peaceful protesters and reporters on the alike and I say go for it. It took forever for media outlets to cover the story, with twitter being the only source of live updates and videos, but when they did, they completely criminalized the whole event. It was sad to see the media still on the propaganda agenda.

So what can we do?

People always say that voting doesn't work, that it's only just a way for people to think they have some say so in the matters of what's going on in this country, that we have no real voice in anything. To those people I say, you're wrong, completely wrong, and that's the thinking that they want you to have. That train of though is the biggest part of the system that's put in place for us not succeed. They wanted to beat us down mentally before they could do things to us physically. Once you realize that, then you can do more than you ever realized.

The solution to me is simple, educate yourselves. That's the main thing that has been preached for years, educate yourselves in their ways of controlling you and you'll know how to topple the system. After educating yourself, then you can become competent in how to go about electing the right leaders, voting against or for the right bills, or you yourself can even run for some sort of office. Everyone knows that Obama can't do anything for us; it's the senate and congress that control things. So if that's the case, why not elect more officials that you know will have your best interest into those positions so they can influence decisions. After all, that's what they do to us. But one thing is clear, don't just sit around waiting for someone else to do something when you can do something today, yourself.

Educate, Organize, Revolution.

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