A Year Ago Today ..

It started by chance.
By a sheer occurrence.
A mutual "friend".
Who would've known the results.
Everything happened for reason.
Everything was thrown in.
Effort was maximized.
Effort was recognized.
Not a moment was wasted.
Not a moment taken for granted.
It was a whirlwind.
It was something from within.
Moments that took the breathe away.
Moments that caused anger.
Lessons given.
Lessons learned.
Many ups.
With many downs.
Many months gone.
Many months coming.
Not a moment I wish was changed.
Everything was learned.
Knowledge was gained.
A year ago, today.
No stone left unturned.
No feeling left unchanged.
A year ago life was turned upside down.
A year ago, life was made better.
So one year ago today,
Is one year I will forever save.
Hopefully one year ago this coming year,
Will turn into two years ago.
With you.

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