Hard Work, Work.

At some point, every rationale person that wants to do something with their life thinks of this question in a moment when they don't know what else to do. 

And guess what?

That's perfectly fine.

To question yourself in a moment when you're probably the most vulnerable you'll ever be as a single person just means you're alive and very well. I've come to realize that every single person will go through these emotions when they really want something in life. Taking the time to think about what's going on, or lack thereof, in your life is quite fine. It's how you respond to those moments. Will you sit there and be sad? Will you realize that it's just a moment and you have to keep pushing? Or will you need the support of people to help you realize that you can actually do the task that's set in front of you. Any number of those things can happen to you, depending on YOUR situation as a person. But as I said before, it's not how you got there or what got you there,

It's how you respond.

That scene from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a pretty emotional one, and everyone remembers that iconic line. But what most people don't pay attention to is how he's sitting there in a work uniform, covered in paint, surrounded by an unfinished project. In essences, he's reflecting in a room that symbolizes his life, a complete and utter mess. But what came in the nick of time was the support that he needed. Uncle Phil put it in simplest terms:

"Of all of the kids, you give me the most grief. You're also the one that I don't worry about".

That one line is all it took for will to become happy and cheerful again. Basically what I'm alluding to here is when in doubt, and you're feeling like you can't get anything right, lean on someone or people that have your back. That's what they're there for. That's what any normal human being needs, someone to reaffirm that they believe in them and to suck it up and push on.  No one has all of the right answers coming out of the gate of life, and sometimes you slip and stumble. Regardless of who you are, or what situation you are in, there is always a logical, sound minded person there for you. Whether they are your relatives, friends, social workers, priests, preachers, or just a random stranger, you never know who will give you that great piece of advice to make you get up out of your sorrows.

At the end of the day, we are human, being down and out is one of the things we all will experience, it's inevitable. The thing question to take away from here is, how are you going to handle that moment when it comes? Are you going to let it keep you down or are you going to rise to the occasion. And if you're trying to rise to the occasion, then just look around you, there is someone there to help you off the ground if you are out there trying to do right and treat people right on the path of life.

The help is there, all you have to do is look up for it.

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