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This post was actually part of a 30 day challenge that I decided not to do. It said list 10 things that you are thankful for on a daily basis. So instead of making that part of a 30 day post, and its Thanksgiving time, I decided that now is the best time to list these things out. So I hope you guys enjoy my list of things I'm grateful for.

10. Freedom of Speech | I'm thankful for freedom of speech, because without it, I wouldn't be able to blog the way I wanted to and about the things I want to discuss. It's no secret that in certain parts of the world, having a blog is forbidden, never mind the simple ability to speak out against the wrongdoings going on around them without being persecuted. I live in a country that allows me to engage people that feel the same way and voice their opinions when they don't. I like to learn what other people think about certain things, so without freedom of speech, I would never be able to grow and learn how other people think. That's another way for respect to be built.

9. Learning | This is the essence of life to me, being able to learn every single day. Whether it's through books or through life teachings, learning is a big deal to me. That's how being wiser and the wisdom can mold a person. Not everyone chooses to learn, some people choose to be oblivious towards most things, so for me, being able to learn and become a better person is very important thing to me.

8. Having A Home | Another thing that not everyone in the world gets a chance to experience. Some people live in shacks, on the streets, under bridges and in dirt holes, and that's just in this country alone. I don't have much at this moment, but I'm thankful for every single that I do have. I take pride in all of my possessions because I worked hard for it, so I treat it as such. I'm not materialistic by any stretch of the imagination, but being able to appreciate and enjoy things that I work hard to get and keep up is just a joy in life that anyone should strive to be.

7. Music | One of the big things in my life to date, everyone who's anyone in my life knows that music has developed to be one of the most important things in my life. You can see it in my blogs with the quotes and lyric inspired posts. Just like life, if you find the right song at the right time, it can teach you some lessons that you never thought you would find in the lyrics. People should remember that artists are artists for a reason, they go through things in life just like us and they're able to put to music and remind us that either someone has it worse and try every day to make it better, or that everything will be fine in time if you just believe.

6. Brothers & Sisters In Arms | I'm thankful for all of the people that I have met in the service that has impacted my life in a significant way, and the ones whom I've never met that protect this country with their lives every day. Lately the Armed Forces have been taking hits from outside forces and from within. But those are small stories in my mind when compared to the service members who go through the daily grind of being away from family members and having to deal with life or death situations that most people can't even imagine. I had the pleasure of serving with a couple of guys who've lost their lives for this country and to them I am thankful not only making the ultimate sacrifice, but allowing me to serve alongside them and getting to know the great humans that they were, you guys are sorely missed.

5. My Friends | Simply put, without them, there would be no me. I've gone through the ringer since 2005, and I've seen a lot of lows. Life is just like that sometimes, but God being the great one that He is, put a lot of great people in my life. But I'm especially thankful for the ones that are near and dear to my heart. Without their words and their support, I wouldn't have made it this far being that I am. With their friendships, I was able to will myself through some painful situations and heartache that most wouldn't be able to deal with, and the same love is returned from my end. Not to mention the tons and tons of memories of fun that I have with them. We take care of each other more than friends should, that's why I consider them family without any kind of hesitation. I am thankful for them being a solid foundation of support and strong words for when I need it.

4. My Family | Come on now, it's the people that made me; you didn't think they would be on this list? Lol But seriously, they are the core of my life. I may not talk to them every day but they know the love is just the same, and they accept me for who I am. I know I need to better with seeing everyone, but once life gets better for me in the way that I can see them, I will. I sometimes sit back at family functions and I listen to them talk and interact, and it's amazing how much of them is in me without being around them 24/7. That's what a family connection is supposed to be, and I'm thankful for it being that way. I'm also extremely thankful for having that tough love too as well. That is an underrated kind of love to me, and it's greatly appreciated.

3. My Ex | This might be an unpopular choice with some people about this one, but it's my life, my list, and my blog, so I do what I want. But I am thankful for her because simply put, she changed my life. She changed my way of thinking and she made me a better person. Anytime a person comes in your life and does that, then you have to be thankful for that person and everything they've either done or they're currently doing for you because in this day and age, you won't find too many people that even care to hold the door open for you when you're two steps behind them. I thank her for opening my eyes to the things in life that matter and teaching me a lot of things that I didn't know about. God doesn't make mistakes, we all know that, and I'm glad he put her in my life to change it for the better. So whether it be her or another young lady, I've made leaps in bounds in terms of how a relationship works.

2. My Good Health | I originally had this lower on the list but I realized that without my good health, I wouldn't be helpful to anyone on the list below this option. I'm certainly thankful for God being able to allow me to have good health to be able to be active in my everyday life to the point of being able to go and get things done. I pray that the little aches and pains make way to me being able to do more and enjoy life. But for now I'm thank for being able to walk, talk, think and breathe without the assistance of any machines or medicine. There are definitely others in this world that struggle with those simple daily functions.

1. God | I'm pretty sure this wasn't a surprise here; everyone knew this was coming lol. Without Him, there would be none of us, without Him, there would be no me here on this planet to do good in anyone's life. He's protected and provided for me for 28 years and I don't see any sign of him slowing down, not just yet. He's shown me a lot of things that have been good and bad, I'm thankful for them all, no more and definitely no less. I'm waiting on the day when all of it clicks together and it becomes one fluid motion. But until that day comes, I thank Him for being a great teacher and my biggest support.

That's my list of things to be grateful for, what are you grateful for? Leave you opinion in the comments below. I really hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving, regardless where you are. Enjoy the holiday and take time to be thankful for what you have.

Until next time guys.

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