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So today was a day that I rarely use to enjoy because I never had it off, my birthday & Veteran's Day. Being the Army usually meant I had to work on those days because I'm a cook and our facility never really closed. Last year I treated myself with a trip up to New York. So with this year, I wanted to actually sit back and go around getting all the free stuff that came with my birthday and Veteran's Day. Because after all, since everyone reminded me, I worked for it. So with that being said, let's see what all I did today shall we?

Ahh, first thing on my agenda was my free Starbucks drink. Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love Starbucks Caramel Mocha Fraps. That probably didn't sound manly at all, but I don't really care.


It's funny because I actually didn't get to receive my coupon in my email, but the employees at my favorite Starbucks did the right thing and gave me my free drink. Starbucks is the one thing that I look forward to all year, and that starting off my day was just so awesome.

Then the Veteran's Day deal was that you could get one free hot coffee. Now since I don't drink hot coffee like that, I didn't want to partake. But after talking to one of the barista's, they told me that hot chocolate was a equal substitute for coffee. In their words:

"After all, you decided to serve our country, the least we can do is give you a substitute for nothing".

So after I got my Starbucks drink, I decided to head on down to Sports Clips to support the free haircuts for Veteran's Day.


Now anyone who knows me, knows that I don't let any ol body touch my hair, I'm very particular about that. I've never been to Sports Cuts before, but I've always heard great things about them.

I walked in not knowing what to expect and I walked out with a great haircut. The MVP package is pretty much what I'm going to invest my money into because they take the time to do so many things right with it.

The lovely young lady pictured is Anay, she took care of me to the T. She was nice, interactive and informative. If you're ever in Raleigh, go visit her at the location 6637 on Falls of Neuse Rd. She will definitely make sure you're good. She took great care of me for my first time there.

Then after that I took a gander at the local newspapers website to see what other freebies there were, I stopped at Menchies to get a free yogurt & PDQ for an awesome free sandwich. Both times I met an awesome Veteran and we had a pretty great conversation about things and he was very informative of some information I needed.

Then after that was all said and done, I headed straight over to Denny's and got my free Grand slam breakfast. That was an awesome thing too. I know that's backwards with me getting coffee, yogurt, a sandwich, then breakfast food, but it was all on the same side of town lol. Either way I thoroughly enjoyed my food. My waitress and hostess were so nice to me and I got to shake hands with a Black WWII Veteran. That was great moment.

Then after having to go home and come down off the caffeine high,  I went to Regal Cinemas and caught the free showing for Veteran's of Fury. Now if there was anything outside of a particular birthday wish that I got that made my day, it was this movie. Man I don't know how to describe the movie without giving away the details. It was fast paced, had the background drama, the heart pounding drama. All of the actors were on point, all of them. This was one of Brad Pitt's finer roles. I initially had reservations about this movie, but I'm so glad that I saw it. I'll definitely be adding this to my DVD collection when it comes out. And it takes a lot for a movie to make that list.

All in all this was a great day, once I let myself enjoy it. I had the people who I wanted to tell me happy birthday tell me happy birthday, then I got some great food, and saw a great movie. My group of friends hit me up and were roasting me in the wee hours of the morning and it was pretty hilarious. I actually think that set the tone for my whole day. Just getting a great laugh. And my best friend dropped me a little birthday present, shout out to him.

I thank God, because without him, none of these feelings would be possible. I thank all the people who took time out of their day to wish me happy birthday, however they did. It was just that so special to me. But until later, thank you guys!

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