Oh Happy Day

It's a bright & sunny spring day.

Not the hot spot spring day, but the warm & constant cool breeze sunny spring day. It's the kind of spring day where you just sit outside & think of all the good things & all the dreams that keep you going on a daily basis.

It's the kind of day where you close your eyes just as the wind blows & take a deep, soothing & relaxing breath. Then you exhale all the problems of today away.

Sitting right in front of you is field with plush, freshly cut, bright green grass. The type of grass that makes you just want to lay out on it and look at the baby blue sky. And with this field is just one tree that's large enough to climb & big enough to provide shade.

And just beyond the field is a blue ocean so rich that in the distance you can't distinguish the sky from itself. And all you can hear is the gentle tide as it crashes against the beach.

I look over at you with your shades on, trying to look all fabulous as you want to be. Taking in all of the sun, just relaxing. You take a glance and see me looking at you smiling. You look at me with a grin on your face, blowing me a kiss.

Then all of a sudden, I hear a noise that doesn't sound all familiar to me. I look up to see what it is, and it's two very happy children, a boy & a girl, running and jumping on to you.

You smile just as happy to see them as they are to see you. They climb all over you, laughing in the process. They look up at me and make their way over almost instantly.

They climb and roll all over, and for a brief second, my dream state mind and my physical body connected for a moment, and the feeling of completely happiness exuded from my body.

Could this be the key?

Could this be MY happiness?

For in that moment of seeing two laughing children, and a smiling wife, the world seemed complete. When I thought it could get no better than that exact moment in time,

It did.

While the boy was thrown all over his mother, smiling and laughing. The daughter looks up and smiles at me, kisses me on the cheek and says, "I love you daddy".

Then I woke up, with a tear sliding down my face.

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