Oh The Love

So here is the truth about my blog, no one I know personally really supports it lol.

A lot of people know that I blog, but they don't know exactly how serious I take it, and that's quite alright. One of the many reasons for that is that I actually set it up that way. I created separate profiles for everything and I strictly promote them on those profiles without ever crossing over into my personal accounts. Now I do promote my blog links on my personal twitter account, but they don't really pay any mind to them to be honest, which is also fine. I don't blog to gain the approval of others, so that goes hand in hand for me not looking for people to read it either. I write and I believe that when I write, and make it content worth reading, I promote said content, then it will find the people that it's meant to find, not the other way around. I never beg anyone to read what I write, and I surely will never care if the people that are in my life will read it, because that's just me.
But I am grateful for every single soul that comes to my blog and takes the time to read what I read, YOU are appreciated because you took the time out to come and read something I invested my time and energy in and you took the time out of your schedule to read something when you could be doing anything else in this world, I am for humbled by that gesture.
Now this is the reason why I am writing this lol.

Someone asked me the other day, "what do you think your blog will say about you if you just so happened to die tomorrow"? I would hope it says that I'm a very passionate person, and that I could care less what people say about me lol. I mean I wasn't that thrown off by the question because I'm not taught that I'm going to make it to the next day because you never know when the big man in the sky decides to call you home. So when that day comes and people come flocking to my blog, I just want them to know that I stand by every single word that I typed out here on this blog, every single one. And I want to make it painfully clear to everyone, if you think you know me, you don't really do. I absolutely do not tell everyone my business, regardless of how close we are, you don't know everything. Now if you all ganged up together and decided to talk about what I told you about my life then maybe you'll have about 80% of the story, but for the most part, all of it is still in my head and I refuse to put it out to anyone lol.

But I just find it funny that it was bought up to me that people won't "support" you til you're well on your way to being great at what you're doing and even then they will be doing it out of spite because they feel left out, even when you give them more than enough opportunities to join in the struggle and the growth process. Because trust me, I've definitely reached out to more than enough people, and they are the reason why I want to get better, so I can show them what they didn't want to help and what they're going to want to be apart of later in life. If there wasn't such a thing as suing people for "slandering" their name, I would definitely call some people out. But I guess that's also God's way of telling me it's not that serious.

This post serves as a bench mark in the case that I die or for when this blogs surpasses the heights in which I dream it will shape up to be. This is just to let the people that didn't want to help that I believe in myself and I believe in what I'm doing. That I've met some awesome people on this journey and they are the best support system a guy could have because they know what it means when people don't want to support something you're passionate about. This is my new family and the people that I will be thanking for when I reach the top, and they will be right there when I make it there.

If you're like me, don't worry, as long as you believe in what you're doing, regardless of what you're doing, then all the chips will fall into place in due time, as long as you're patient and you work your ass off. The people will come who truly support you while you're on your journey.

Your time will come.
  1. Amen to all of this. You know, I know so many bloggers who feel this way, like no one in their personal life supports their blog. I have one friend who supports my blog and she is my best friend. I post links on my Facebook and people like them, but rarely do they realize that I'm the one who wrote it (maybe they will now that I put my picture and name up there lol)


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