Rumors vs. Reality

It's always funny to hear what people think of you versus what you know of yourself. Some of the things that I've heard about myself recently can be best described as being slight ludicrous and outlandish. Now most people that I know in real life don't read my blog, and I'm glad they don't at this point, so clarifying some of these things won't be such an annoyance to me. I mean I don't really have to, but some of the stuff is just like "come on dude, seriously?" type levels. Which also brings me to the point of wondering how some people can even come up with these conclusions if they have so much going on with their life? Someone told me a long time ago that when people know less and less about what's going on with your life, the more they will try to take a peak in and see a glimpse of what's going on, and when they do that, they will run with what they have and make up a grand story. I always thought that was just a saying and that people didn't really do that, but boy how wrong I was in thinking that. Well rather I should say that I was pretty naive for majority of my life lol.

Like when does it get to a point where an extra regular person sits down and starts worrying about what another regular person is doing is way beyond me. Like one of the things that I heard was that I go out and I drink all of the time and meet random women folk at the bar. I really had to scratch my beard on that one because one I don't go to the bar anymore, two I don't drink period and three, I'm not really focused on getting into any kind of physical or emotional relationship right now. I mean one could guess that if they saw multiple pictures online about the matter at hand, they see me tweeting and talking about doing that stuff or you know they actually physically see me there. But alas none of that is true, and none of that can be said of me. Besides my blog, nothing else gets updated on the regular, I think I go about 10 weeks or so between posting pictures on Instagram, my tweets are based off what my timeline is talking about, and don't even get me started on how few I update my Facebook with any kind of information. So all of that is kind of outlandish and has no kind of evidence supporting those claims ..

Just like how everyone assumes I'm this ladies’ man. Ok so now this one I will say from the outside looking in could be true given that I talk to females mostly and that I may come off as a flirt to some who don't know what an actual causal conversation with someone who is actually funny looks like. I was going to apologize if it came off that way, but I'm not going to because I like the way I can talk to anyone, it makes for a better person. But I will also have to call false on this as well because I simply have too many life situations going on right now. Between working hard at my job, working to get this here blog up, and working on me personally, that doesn't really leave much to be desired of me afterwards. I mean if people actually know my schedule then they would know that I don't have that much time to breathe, let alone be out in the streets acting like some kind of male hoe.

And then lastly my favorite line of them all; "you're an asshole Devon". I use to try and understand people when they claimed I was an asshole and that I wasn't friendly, but then I started looking at the people who said this, and well it's easy to admit this now, but they weren't my friends in the first place. Pretending to be someone who I'm not is something that I have and never will master in this lifetime. Like I've said a lot of times before, people want you to fit into their nice little box that they have made for you and will want you to stay there, it's convenient for them. But I'm not in a space where I care too much about walking on egg shells or caring about people's feelings that don't really care about mine. The beauty in growing and evolving is knowing more and more what your worth is, and when you do that, you'll live a happier life.

But some people will read this and still think I'm lying or doing the most by even acknowledging it. I'm just a guy who is getting an opportunity to do a job that I've always wanted to do, so I work hard at that. I'm just a guy out here who's trying to grow his blog to fit the ideas that have been inherently bestowed upon me by the good Lord. I'm just a guy who's trying to live life is all, so when I hear these things I usually just smile and don't say anything, not because I want to avoid saying the wrong thing. No but because I don't know what to say to something that I don't really care about at all. So I hope one day a lot of people get to the space that I am in right now where I just enjoy myself and what I do and have nothing really for anything else in life.

But you know how a rumor versus reality goes; people will find anything to talk about, as long as it's not about them.

  1. A lot of people really exert too much energy trying to tell others who they REALLY are!

  2. Great explanation of Rumors vs. Reality!!


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