Whew! Movie Lineup

I probably should be getting paid to do movie reviews based on all of the movies I watch lol. I typically sit down and plan out my month as best as I can in terms of financial and things that I have coming up. One of the things that I take into account is going to the movies, while most people plan to go out to the club and drinks and all of that stuff, I don't. I don't go out to the clubs or bars anymore, so the thing that takes all of my time besides my blog is going to the movies. I was sitting down and I was looking at the rest of July and August in terms of planning for movie, then I started looking into subsequent months, all th way into next year. I realized that pretty much every single weekend is going to be some kind of movie coming out, or multiple movies in one weekend that will stretch me into a week with a movie coming out that I don't want to see.

Let's just take a quick second to see all of the movies coming out from now until early 2016 when movies are pretty much guaranteed to come out.

17th - Ant-Man
24th - Southpaw

21st - Sinister 2

11th - The Visit


6th - Spectre
13th - Rings
25th - Creed



15th - Ride Along 2

12th - Deadpool
26th - Ben-Hur





1st - Tarzan

Now granted a lot of these movies will come off my list because I'll probably lose interest in them the more time I have to examine the trailers, but for now these are all of the movies that I plan on seeing when they come out, and that's a lot of big movies coming out. I'm just glad that movies are making a strong push now because there was a stretch where you couldn't buy a good movie to save your life. I'm just glad that good movies are coming around and that there is an over abundance of them.

Excited about any movies coming out? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time guys.
  1. YES!!! you already got this list up and going. I knew about a couple but your on point I see!

    1. lol this is what I do! But no seriously, I'm excited about all of these movies coming out, someone asked me if I will get burned out from going to see these and I told them no. I watch virtually no TV and I don't spend that much time putting things in front of my eyes other than movies. So this will be awesome!


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