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I will be the first to admit that I never read any of Necole's blogs because celebrity news & gossip typically doesn't do it for me. I knew nothing of her background or anything of the sort, so when I saw her latest post RT'ed onto my Twitter TL with the headline: "This is probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do", I automatically clicked the link because I already knew what it was about. When you're a writer, no matter the level you are on, you just know that key words and phrases mean certain things, and when I saw that line I just knew she was hanging it up. But what came shortly there after the opening first two lines, I honestly didn't expect or see coming.

I want to first apologize to Necole because I had this stigma of what her actual blog was and I never ever really gave her a chance to learn the back story to why she started up her blog. I mean her blog has been around since 2008 and to be fair to myself here, I wasn't one of the best people to be around at that time. Back in the day, if your ideals or goals didn't line up with mine, I didn't really have too much time to devote to you or your life. I mean that's a good way to look at things when you're trying to make it in the world, but ideally it's not a way to live life. Ever since I started my blogging journey I've been more understanding of people and how they think and live their life, in that same sense that allows me a better lane of analyzing who I want and don't want around. With that being said:

I humbly apologize to Necole for never giving her blog a chance because I was too ignorant and stuck in my ways to get to know the story of the blogger.

After reading her latest post found here, I have the utmost respect for her, just not as a woman of high moral character, but as one of the better humans that I've never had the chance to meet, yet. One would say that the ultimate goals for blogging could be pointed towards her site The traffic is there, the engagement is there, the content that people want to read is there, but one thing that started to go missing was the author. As she elegantly puts in her farewell post to her readers, "For seven years, I’ve given this platform everything in me. Now, it’s time to refocus that energy into something that I truly believe in", and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

I always say that writers have the upper hand when it comes to personal growth and development, when they do it right. Writing allows you to face the person you are, see the person who you want to be, and plan for the person who you eventually will become. We know the struggle, we see the struggle, we acknowledge the struggle, and we make a clear and concise plan to kick the struggles ass. For years we spend locked away in a room trying to figure out how to beat what pains us, or find a way around that very thing. Then comes the day, after many many days of heartbreak and anguish, we finally succeed. While most people are content with getting to the championship game, few are in it to win the whole thing. That's what separates those who have goals to reach from those who have the passion and dedication to reach the proverbial top of the mountain.

Necole not only reached that mountain top, but she set up a base camp and showed everyone how to build a monastery on top of it and control that mountain top for years to come, and I applaud her for that.

But there comes a time, with any avenue of life, you have to step down and make a change. You have to adjust to something new in life, whether it be voluntary or involuntary, and in her case it's voluntary. I'm always asked whether I would leave when I'm on top or when they have to drag and kick me screaming through the door. I always reply that I would leave when I felt like there is nothing more for me to accomplish for whatever I'm doing. When I leave I will have a successor, someone who is thirsty just like I was succeed in that avenue, and I will teach them all that I know so that they can tweak it and become better than I will ever be. And Necole is doing just that, leaving on her own recognizance, and that's the most respectable thing I've seen from a high profile blogger of her stature yet. 

As I've grown older, respect has become a big thing in my life, and after reading her final post she has garnered every single bit of it from me. Although celebrity gossip blogs will never be my thing, I do applaud her for succeeding in an avenue a lot of have gone into, and few have become successful in. I'm really excited to see what her next couple of ventures in life will entail because it sounds like something that's going to be good for the community and our race in general.

So I say cheers to you Ms. Necole for not giving up on your dreams, for falling asleep at your desk while writing blogs, and for giving everything you had in you to make something you really wanted, become a reality. Now you have a leg up, people behind you, with the ball in your court, you know what to do with it.

Good Luck & God bless.

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