Ted 2 Movie Review

This movie was just like the first one to me, a couple of lines here and there, but ultimately nothing to really hype.

I think that it actually tried a little too hard for jokes at various points in the movie, and you could tell that they were. I mean there's not really much to say about the movie, it is what it is. There are couple of funny jokes here and there, couple of cameos here and there, and the plot was pretty clear from start to end. I don't try to over complicate movies like most people do, this movie was made for cheap laughs and it succeeded in the sense that most will laugh at the jokes told here. My taste in funny has evolved over the years like it's suppose to, I rely less on the vulgar jokes and more so in the ones that are cleverly thought up and delivered. If you're into cheap jokes then this movie is just for you.

Like I stated above, there's not much to really say about this movie, you know what it is already before you sit down and watch it. I didn't really put too much thought into it and that alone allowed me to laugh or chuckle at the couple of jokes that were told in the movie. If you're into vulgar jokes and a pretty transparent plot, then this movie will satisfy you. I wouldn't really recommend this movie to people other than the listed criteria above and time to kill on a off day. I'm more so waiting for Mark Wahlberg's Daddy's Home film coming out around Christmas time, it looks to be hilarious.

Did you watch Ted 2? If so, how did you like it? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys.

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