The 4th of July Blog

America will never be destroyed from the outside.
If we falter and lose our freedoms, 
It will be because we destroyed ourselves.
- Abraham Lincoln

I was having trouble writing this blog for a multitude of reasons.

With everything going on with this country within the last two years, it's hard to be patriotic right now. I mean I am patriotic because I know what it means to defend this great nation that was meant to serve the people, all of the people. I know a lot of good men and women that lost their life fighting for the beliefs that this country bases itself on, or at least that's what they say. So for me it's not about saying this country is complete shit, because I've been to other countries and I can say with great confidence that I'd rather be here than anywhere else. But this year it's going to be hard to fake the funk and act like there's something worth celebrating, when it's not.

The elderly, the sick, the children, women, men, our churches, everyone is dying. What makes it worse is that there is no justice being done about it. People are worried about who can get married to who rather than trying to figure out why people are losing their lives literally every single hour in this country. I mean hey if you don't care, then don't care. One thing that I hate is someone that fake cares about a situation that's life or death for people in this country. I'm from South Carolina, and to be quite honest, I don't care about that flag just as much as I care about those cowards that run around in those hoods because they just use it as something to hide behind. What I'm more concerned about is getting those people that hide behind those things out of those offices that they can do the most damage from.

But that's another topic for another time.

The Fourth of July is suppose to mark the Independence from and birth of a nation from the tyranny of the British, supposedly. Now granted there's that whole thing about killing off the Native Americans and taking their lands, bringing over the Asians and treating them like complete trash while building the railroads, and of course my favorite, slavery. In theory, all of those things wouldn't be so harsh if this country learned a thing or two about the mistakes they made, and instead of trying to write it out of the history books, they should've owned up to it and provided opportunities for everyone, on the same playing field, but that's not what happened.

Instead in this country there are people still fighting a war that ended in 1865, the history books still don't read the truth, and there are still soldiers going to war and losing their lives in the ultimate sacrifice because there are some people here that want to privatize war since they cant have one here. I mean that sounds a little harsh, but the truth usually is, and in this case, it's the harshest thing and closes thing to the truth. The world is a cruel and dark place, and believe it or not, there aren't too many "safe" places on it, and for a country that's suppose to be the light around the world and the shining example of what good is suppose to be, we are surely lacking.

Usually I take the time to reflect over the many fireworks the fellow soldiers who are still over there, and the ones that are never coming back home. I always think of them and hope they make it back, whether they are in a safe zone or not. But it's just that with all of the bombings and senseless acts of murder in this country, I have to say that I am unapologetically not moved by this fourth of July. Now I'll go and celebrate with my friends and family because that's what these holidays are truly for at the end of the day, your loved ones. But it's just that this time around, it's a little bit morbid than others, and I can't put on a facade and act like everything is OK.

One day this holiday will mean what it's suppose to mean, the Independence of a country who freed itself from oppression, tyranny, and the dark times that divided the country. Until that day comes, this is how I feel about this holiday, and only time can change that.

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