Spy Movie Review

This movie was hilarious, and I was not expecting it to be.

I'll say this much about Melissa McCarthy, all of the movies that she has been the lead, I've thoroughly enjoyed and this movie is no exception. This was one of those movies that I didn't really pay any attention to really, and that was an error on my part. I mean I saw the trailers for it and what not, and I knew I was going to see it, I just feel shamed that it took me a whole month to watch it. Upon watching the movie and loving it, I went to go look at the reviews for the movie as I always do, and it was given almost all positive reviews. Man when the movie hit that pivotal moment where it was either going to end up sucking or end up being good, they hit that stride seamlessly and I was dying laughing at the movie.

I think the cast did this movie justice and the biggest point of the movie was Jason Statham. The fact that he was nothing like how I thought he would be, and he actually pulled it off very easily was a huge boost to this movie. I had an idea that he was funny from all of the movies I've watched of him, but the way he just came out of the blue with some of the stuff that he said and kept it going was just pretty bad ass. Rose Byrne & Jude Law provided that serious role for a bit, but then towards the end of the movie it all broke down and just made sense for some reason. I think all of the underlining jokes were subtle enough for me to chuckle, but didn't overshadow what was going on, also a great point in the movie. Also, great cameo & subsequent shot at Kanye, 50 Cent.

All in all this movie was pretty funny and I'll be watching it again when it comes out on DVD. Like I said Melissa is definitely starting to hit her stride in Hollywood, so it gives me some kind of hope for the Ghostbusters movie coming out next year. I would definitely recommend this movie if you have the time to go see it, I think it has about a couple of weeks left in the main theaters and then it should hit is run on the $1 movie circuit. If you want to wait for Red Box, it should be coming out around late August early September I think. But I would say go see it because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have you seen this movie? If so, how did you like it? Hated it or loved it? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys!

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