The Beginning of Now

Somewhere, somehow, we lost our way.

Now this isn't the opinion of others, but solely of my own til others chime in with their opinions. Being a African American male means so many things to me; ranging from being a leader, a protector, a supporting man, a nurturing man, a man of high morals and values, but most importantly a man of God. Our history is a well known, well documented one, yet we are the most hated one for some reason. There have been many reasons given from that ranging from physical appearances, to how our ancestors placed value on knowledge and being innovative, all the way to be labeled as the very children of God. Whatever the reason is, we have been hated since they started discovering the world. And the funny thing is that it's just not Caucasians that hate us, if you look you'll see that Asians have had their own parts in it, the whole situation going on in the Dominican Republic right now, even Gandhi is on record stating he doesn't like African's.

But that's not why I'm here, today I'm talking about us, the black man.

Granted there are outer influences that have tainted the very fabric of our people since they stole treasures from us, enslaved us to build their monuments, then transport us across vast oceans to build their countries. Once again, this is nothing new at all. My problem is that this is 2015 and we have a wealth of knowledge at our disposals, we have infinite means to see what the world thinks of us and how they want to basically get rid of us while keeping our country for it's own personal gains. With all of this knowledge it still pains me to see that we are treating each other the way the want us to. Meaning that the divide and conquer technique that they wanted to implore during the days of slavery is still going on right now. I personally believe that the most important thing that we will ever have for our people will be one another, because that's what they fear the most in the world.

Think about this, together we built an entire continent that the world marveled at. They came from hundreds of miles on horseback to read from our books, learn about our farming and eat from our plates. And when they started to envy too much and it turned into jealously, they took advantage of our hospitality, stole our riches and broke our families up. They shipped us across the ocean to help build a country that they took from another group of people who showed them the same kindness & hospitality, we then made them into an empire. Then when they got tired of us, and they "freed" us, we were still subjugated to immense racism, no matter where we went. Then when we decided we had enough and wanted to be treated better, we formed a movement to end the systematic & institutionalized hatred, which was a success to an extent. Even if it was for vanity reasons to shut us up, we at least gain some common ground to build upon.

Now if you're not black and you're reading this thinking that either none of this happened or this was a bit harsh, then you are in fact a racist and you need to check those history books that the people before you tried to water down so you wouldn't ever have to engage in these kinds of discussions. I'm letting you know now, this blog isn't for you in the slightest sense anymore, and for that I'm not sorry. But if you genuinely recognize the error in the revisionist history this country tries to engage in, then you can keep reading.

But back to my fellow black males.

I want you to think about our history of being forced into servitude, like really look at what they did to our women and children just to get us to do things for them. We literally built two of the greatest continents this planet has seen, and when we got tired of being their lap dogs, we organized the greatest movement on this planet the likes of which it has never seen. That is our power, that is what they fear, that is the God given abilities that were bestowed upon us. We are dangerous when we are united, we are dangerous when we want the same thing, we are dangerous when we become the people God wanted us to be. But the one thing that is lost in all of this is the fact that we continuously treat each other like pure shit, and expect things to change for us from the outside. More times than not I've seen men talk down on each other and our women and those same women turn around and just not value themselves because of said men either not being there or putting them down.

Self realization is a very real thing and when you attain it, then there is little that a person can do to shake that or change your mind. And it just makes me really sad that there are people out there that cling on to the hope that someone can lead them to the promise land of happiness but showing that they care. At the end of the day we are all children of a man and a woman that were pulled away from us because they wanted to control the way our race evolved. And that effect is still felt by the system they keep us in with education, jobs, putting us in jail, the things we see on TV & stifling our art forms. They kill our leaders, every single one of them, the ones that would lay their lives on the line for us and the ones who speak the truth to us on a national scale, and they go and they assassinate them.

The beauty in all of this is that the generation coming is more awake than ever, and they are armed with the intelligence and gumption to take on the establishment. The thing that will help them get over that hump is how the older generations take their hand and put them on the shoulders so that they can get a better look at the true enemy. All of this holding one another back is not going to do us a single bit of good, but hold us back as it always has. Tearing each other down in these comments and on social media, putting one skin tone on a higher level than the other, will only keep us in that mindset in which they created. We need to put the phones, cameras, tablets, and computers down and lift each other up off the ground.

We are armed with the history, we are armed with the knowledge, now all we have to do is arm ourselves with unity, because we need each other to truly make the change that we've been desperately seeking since we were taken from our lands way back when.

We are all that we have, and no one is going to give us our freedom except for us.

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