A.A.A., Part 2

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
- Winston Churchill

One of the most common things that tend to hold people back from great success is their attitude. Great success is obtained two ways, it's either given to you or you have to make great sacrifices to achieve it. More times than most it's you making great sacrifices, but a lot of people don't understand that point though. They don't understand that in order to get something great sometimes you have to do things that you feel is beneath you or that you would never in a million years think you would do. Tears, sweat, blood are just some of the things that will come at a great cost. Any and everything is up for grabs when it comes to success.

Attitudes Attribute to Achievements.

But one key thing is your mental fortitude, that is the most underrated thing that will take you the furthest in life. Your mental fortitude is what keeps you up when you don't want to stand anymore. It keeps you focus when you're too tired to see and it keeps you thinking straight when you're mentally too drained to even think about what to think lol. Your attitude stems from all of this and it's why it's a pretty big deal when trying to achieve something. If you have a piss poor attitude then no one is going to want to help you do anything at all. If you have a positive attitude then you're going to receive more help, that's just common knowledge.

Now I know what you're thinking right now, you're saying that it's not true and that's not how real life goes. I mean of course there are those people you're going to have to handle and those that you're going to have to bend the pot handle for, but that's just apart of life and the whole ego thing. I'm not going to get in the whole psychoanalysis of it all, but just be prepared to do something you're not use to get to where you want to be. I mean you can stay the course and do what you do, but just be prepared to go the long way to your goals.

Trust me I know about that because I decided to go the long way.

But in the end what everyone needs to realize that your attitude will ultimately sink or swim you. If you're just a hateful and grumpy person all of the time, then you're going to push away all of the help that you could potentially get and keep any future help away because they don't want to get near you. But if you stay working hard and in the positive mindset and you demonstrate that through your attitude then good things WILL happen to you, regardless of what anyone says.

Hard workers, diligent workers, smart workers win in the end.

What do you think about your attitude attributing to your success? Agree or disagree? Leave it in the comments below. Also make sure to check out the Part 1 of The series A.A.A., (Actively Avoiding Advances).

Until next time guys.

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