I'm Blessed & Highly Favored

This post isn't what you think it is.

During my 30 years of living on this planet I've come in close proximity to President's, famous athletes, musicians, actors and actresses. If I took as many pictures as I should have then there would be a wall of who's who in my home like no other. I've also been blessed to meet some extraordinary "ordinary" people in my everyday life that inspires me to be an all around better person. I would even go as far as saying that I've met more positive people on this planet than negative ones; even when I was deployed in Iraq.

But like anything in life, you have your good and then there's the bad.

It's no secret that my love life hasn't been one of the best of things simply because I've gone through what most would say abnormal growing pains. With said pains have come a slew of women in my life, each with their very own interesting story. I'm not one of those people who posts every single person that they end up on the very basic of levels of dating. It's just not my style or in the cards for that young lady. That's why when people do see me post a nice young lady they usually run with it and make a bigger deal than need be out of the situation.

But as I said with every good, there is a bad and I most definitely dodged a lot of bad women in my life. And I really thank God for bringing me through each situation because looking back on each one, I would probably have a couple of kids and be somewhere not being productive and being bought down by their negativity. It's not slander when I'm simply stating the truth; and trust me, I have nothing to gain by slandering anyone. I actually have more to lose than anything.

But this post was inspired because I'm at a good place in my life finally and for some reason a nice young lady from my past wanted to pop to say hello to me. Now like every self respecting person on this lovely planet, I absolutely hate how exes pop up after a long period of peace. But not being fully aware of current state of tranquility, I engaged with said ex anyways. The conversation was normal per the routine, then turned that proverbial corner as these conversations always seem to do.

Of course I got annoyed with it and I might haven wanted to slip back to what I use to do in response to the line of questioning that I was receiving. But something funny happened to me half way thinking to myself why am I here; I realized that I didn't have to be here. I realized that this was my old life and that I've grown and matured. I remembered all of the proclamations that I've made for myself and my life in regards to being a better person. I realized that I'm with someone who values me for me and that she would never put me through any of this nonsense.

In that moment I realized that I didn't need this shit.

Men will bash women and women will bash men until the end of time; that's a given. I realized that removing myself from that frame of mind and conversations that I was able to focus on what was most important: bettering myself and creating a space for a nice young lady to thrive in rather than to stifle her growth in. Much is said about marriage not being a real thing and that commitment isn't fruitful in this day and age, but it is. It's all about figuring out who you are, making that person the best possible version and then you'll attract any and every kind of person, but you'll have the clout to see through the nonsense.

That's exactly what I did in that instance, I saw through the nonsense that seemed to always plague me in my early life and it's no longer a factor because I won't allow it into my peaceful space that I've created. Your space will always be attacked by something external because whatever is doing the attacking simply wants to see you back to the state at which they are accustomed to seeing you at.

It's really that simple.

As long as you keep building your space and doing the best that you can to make whatever life you want a possibility, there will always be something wish to bring you down. Your only job is to recognize it and steer clear of it, move right through it or force them to move around. Don't let them take you off the path of better living because they're stuck at the train station, waiting on the train to pick them up.

It's that simple, trust me I know, I'm doing it right now.

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