Humble Pie Is For The Crows

I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, through and through.

I had to make that known for the simple fact that I like to remind people I don't cheer for any other team but my own; regardless of what's going on. I know there are a lot of people that don't understand that concept but I believe in loyalty and that's where mine resides. Another thing that I don't care too much for is all of the nonsense surrounding Cameron Newton. There's so much to say about this whole situation that I feel like I shouldn't even say anything for the simple fact that I don't want to waste my time or breath speaking on the idiots that want to criticize everything that he does.

From players to out of touch fans, there is a call for Cam Newton to "act more like a professional" throughout the course of his games. The most common citing of this is the fact that people seem to hate the fact that he dances when scoring a touchdown or getting a first down. One angry fan even had the nerve to pen a letter to the Charlotte Observer saying that his dancing was offensive to her nine year old. She even went further in her assessment stating:
I don’t know about your family life Mr. Newton, but I think I’m safe in saying thousands of kids watch you every week. You have amazing talent and an incredible platform to be a role model for them. Unfortunately, what you modeled for them today was egotism, arrogance and poor sportsmanship.
I think this came right after the Panthers beat the Titans by a margin of 27-10, in Tennessee none the less. So everyone and their stank auntie knew that she was just feeling sour that her team lost and she needed something to hang her hat on. But what is funny is that she isn't the only to criticize Cam for his dancing. His fellow "peers" have stated multiple times that he needs to stop all of the dancing and try to act more like Peyton or Tom. To that I have just one question for them:


While I don't care for Cam in any sense because he's not my quarterback and my team has it's fair share of problems, I'm still curious as to why he should stop dancing when he's done something good? I could list all of the things that are already out there stated to as reasons for people not liking what Cam is doing, I for one won't repeat them because I don't care. I don't care that you think he should stop dancing, I don't care if your little feelings are hurt, and I simply don't care about anyone's racial preferences when it comes to things that they think a black athlete should be doing.

People say time and time again that there are other black QB's that were never out there dancing all around the field and how they acted like a "professional". To them I ask them this question: who cares? Who cares what YOU think? There are the Carolina Panthers fans and any other person that chooses to cheer for Cam for the simple fact that he's out there doing what he loves to do, doing it pretty well and he's connecting the younger audience to old time tradition of the NFL.

Dare I say that Cameron Newton is transcending the game with his dancing? Why Yes he is.

He's not just out here acting all like a "coon" or someone with no kind of "common sense", no he's out there having fun, his teammates are having fun and the fans are having fun right along with them. You can see scores of people all over the globe celebrating what he's doing by mimicking the dance made popular by Migos' Look At My Dab, (I hope they're getting that check cut for them).

Regardless if you cheer for him, like him or whatever your feelings are towards him, let them be because your team is not his team and not because he's a black athlete having fun while doing things you've never seen from a QB before. If he wants to smile and dance his way on to TV after he scores touchdowns and gets first downs, then so be it. When he plays my team the only way to stop him from doing that is to hit him and keep him out of the end zone. That's my only problem with him and the Steelers don't have to play him unless they meet in the Superbowl.

Until that day comes, dance on Cam Newton, just to piss those idiot "fans" off.

How do you feel about Cam Newton and all of the fuss he's receiving over his touchdown dancing? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time.

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