How To Approach A Woman

*Note: This blog has been sitting in my completed folder for the last 4 years. I never really thought to post it because I already have something similar to that effect, How To Pick Up A Respectable Black Woman. So I didn't really see a need to post it, but I said what the hey and let it fly, I hope you guys enjoy it.*

The summer season has officially descended down upon us and cooler nights shall reign supreme in your social world. With that being said I'm here to help my fellow gentlemen who are ready to venture out in those coolly, dim lit nights where pretty women will run rampant upon the city that you're in. They will be in pretty dresses, cute shorts with t-shirts and jackets, they will be in jeans with wedge shoes and tanks, they will even be in some cool looking dress shirts with shades, slacks and heels. In other words fellas, they will come with their A game, so they expect you to. In a world where Jordan's and cool graphic tees run rampant in setting the standard for style and fashion, there is something that is creeping behind the scenes. And that's the causally dressed male that everyone women becomes so impressed with upon sight. A women loves a man that is cleaned up and nice looking. I'm not talking about girls and their savvy fashion sense, I'm talking about the business women, the one about her business, the one that's looking for a man to match her class and sophisticated style. And I'm just here to give you a couple of helpful tips on how to win these fine women's heart over. So without further ado ..

1. [Identify what type of female she is & know what you want from that female]

If you're alive and you're a human, then most of the time you know what you want to do most of time. You want to breathe air, you want to eat food, you want to wake up and go to your favorite place to go, you want to hang with friends, you pretty much get my drift. All of those different examples are in relation to a woman, meaning that you should know what you want from her the second you see her. Now granted this may change when you actually engage in conversation with that woman, but until then you should have a clear cut plan for approaching that woman. Now most of you don't have ability to think that fast on your feet, so I would suggest that you take your time and get yourself together, not too long though, cause every valuable second count, to think of how to initiate. Now if you can't think that fast and you make eye contact with her, well then you're screwed lol. But basically what I'm saying here is know what you want from that women and try to go after that women and get that very thing. Because absolute worse thing you can do to a woman is waste her time.

2. [ .. Personal Appearance]

You Cant seriously be thinking of approaching a self respectable woman in some saggy jeans, durag, white tee and some beat up Jordan's can you? No you can't. Women who are truly worth your time will want to see you in something that is nice, clean looking & not over the top. Now granted there are tons and tons of situations that could dictate what you wear. Like for instance, a formal event would involve you wearing a clean looking suit with a nicely trimmed hair cut and shaped up facial hair if you have it, as where on the other hand you could be attending a semi-formal event where that style of dress isn't needed but rather a nice button up shirt with some nice clean looking jeans, certain tennis shoes or causal dress shoes could work here. All in, dress appropriate guys because women just like men judge you on how your outward appearance is before you even open your mouth.

3. [ HYGIENE !!!! ]

Now that you have engaged in eye contact with a woman & she smiles and likes your style and wants you to come over and have a conversation with her you have to make sure of one very important thing. Your breath and ass don't stink. I would've included this in personal appearance, but this has to be a stand alone bullet because there's been too many stories that ended in, "and his breath stank girl" That's not only embarrassing to you and the crew you rolled with, it's a pretty hurtful thing to do to a young woman's nostrils lol. So tip, take some gum, a breath mint, some tic tacs and before you think it's cool to not take that five minute shower before you go out, do it, please, for all our sakes. Thanks, Management.

4. [ The Intro ]

Now that you have passed all the non verbal parts of this test that has happened to you in a mere two minutes if executed properly. You have the pleasure of addressing this woman with your words of wisdom and extreme confidence. Now it's your job to A) Not sound uneducated & B) Not like a complete dufus. Too often has a man passed the visual test that women love to give men so often, then he goes and blows it by saying something along the lines of "Hey ma, what you finna get into after this". Now while that may work on the younger audience of females that you're trying to coral, The older more sophisticated audience of women don't want to hear any parts of what you're saying, well unless she's just trying to get laid tonight and you fell in that trap of being her one night stand, she' wants you to approach her with some kind of intelligent conversation that requires that basic knowledge of a seventh grade social studies student. Now I'm not sitting here telling you to go out and watch CNN for 36 hours straight, I'm just saying, be able to hold a conversation that's more than just about the latest 2 Chainz song or what happened on Love & Hip-Hop ATL. This women would like to hear conversation about goals and aspirations or your passion about working, and they love hearing about your passions in life and what motivates you. Keyword here, Substance.

5. [The Walk Away]

Many men don't know when to leave well enough alone, or to know when you won the battle. A lot of women are won over by your charm in a manner of seconds into your conversation if you do it right, while others may require some work, so your judgment skills have to be fully developed and be readily deployable for when it's time to simply say to her "Yea I have to get back to my friends now, it was nice talking to you, is there by chance I could give you a call sometime later". And that you point you would have to been able to fulfill her initial desire to know who you are, hold some sort of conversation to the extent of wanting her to know more. You know, leave some sort of mystery and intrigue behind. And if you plan on staying at the bar with your friends, don't linger around her, go about your night, give her space, don't be a retard and talk to dozens of other women, just chill and enjoy the evening with your friends. Your stance of just chilling would impress her too, showing her that you're social and not a man whore.

And there you have it fellas, some simple tools that will help you picking up a gorgeous business woman that's probably worth your time and all that other jizz. Now while nothing is full proof, I'm confident enough in the fact that this would help you land someone that's pretty interesting and worthy of taking around in public.

Until next time guys.

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