The Good, The Bad & Cam Newton

Funny how much only 24 hours can make in your life.

This is the only picture I care about.

I don't care that Cam Newton looked deflated. I don't care that he didn't answer any questions. I don't care about his actions on the sideline during the game. I definitely could care less if got up and left the post game conference because he didn't feel like answering any questions too in depth. Cam Newton, went out and played in the Superbowl, got slapped around and learned some things from being on the biggest stage of them all.

He will be better next time around.

Certain people wear their hearts on their sleeves and they simply can't help that. I'm just like Cam Newton in the sense that I can't hide how I'm feeling and I'm not going to. Why should I hide my true feelings for anyone? Is he setting a bad example for children? No he's not because let's be honest, no child is watching a post game presser; let's get that straight right now. What people are quickly forgetting is that he went out to the middle of the field and embraced Peyton, with a smile.

He did what everyone claims he didn't do because they honestly don't care.

In the media doing the right thing isn't what sells ad space or magazines. People want to see other people fail so they can have something to pick at when they aren't doing so hot themselves in life. That's just how the way of the world shakes out sometimes. Instead they want to overload your news feeds with videos of Cam at the post game presser and they want to fill up their front pages with condescending remarks about what it means and not mean to be a champion.

I'll state again like I did on --, I'm a Steelers fan all day long, and I could care less about Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. It's just that when you vilify someone for the sake of making money off of them or for other malicious intentions, then it's my job to speak up and say something. The media is complete and utter shit if we're being honest here. There are very few sites that want to report the important truths of this world and not the ones that produced click bait.

The pictures above say all that I need to know about Cam Newton, he's always the professional when he's counted to be one nowadays. Speaking solely on the fact that media blows things out of proportion for the sake of having people click on their sites, Cam Newton will be just fine in the NFL. He took a shot on the chin, (and some of it unfairly so), so nasty that the only place left to go is up.

Even if you're not Cam Newton fan or a panthers fan, but you love football in general, please support this brother. Because clearly the media has been trying to discredit him since the day he stepped foot on at the University of Florida. It's not secret that he doesn't get the benefit of doubt like his "peers" do. The only thing we can do is support Cam Newton on this journey he's on to becoming one of the absolute legends this game has ever seen.

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