Set Your Mind Free: A Letter To My Writers

Write about every single thing.

Even if you don't post it or share it with anyone else, write about who you are, the real truth about who you are, and mean every single world of it. It may sound scary but I guarantee if you can be truthful with yourself, flaws and all, you'll make for a far better writer than you would have ever imagined for yourself. There's a certain unlocking code to your inner most desires and ambition when you free your mind of useless clutter and old emotions. For me writing has been God sent ever since the day I decided that I'm going to write for myself. When I decided to write the truth about everything that I know and see, was the same time I started coming into my own.

And the only way that could have happened if I was truthful with myself.

Facing your problems and unlocking your mind through tough conversations will do something to your mind and the way you see things. There is this post I penned entitled "How The Cookie Crumbles". That's the most forward and direct piece of writing that I've ever put together and published on Cold Knowledge. In that writing I talked about every single major thing that has bothered me the most in life at that particular moment and I haven't looked back sense. Now I'm not telling you that you have to go out and do the same thing, I'm just saying that's what worked for me and what has allowed me to grow into the writer that I am.

Without pulling down that veil I tried so hard to keep over my eyes for years, I wouldn't be here now with you guys. I wouldn't be here trying to write about movies, sports, politics, police shootings, any of that. I probably would still be that guy who was scared to do anything new for failure and repercussions from it. 

But luckily I'm not that guy anymore, I'm better.

The writer's man, just like any other creative mind, is a special place. It's basically the most beautiful place you could ever be in this world. There are things there that only a creative could dream up and explain through which ever median they take up.It's the start of so many great things but if your mind isn't to that point where you can just tap into it at will, then you're squandering your gifts. Surprisingly a lot of creatives are still wasting their time to this very day. But for the sake of writer's I'm just pointing out the fact that you can't realize your full potential by simply doing nothing about it.

If you know Ashy of Write Laugh Dream then you know that she's always echoing the same sentiments. She even created an initiative on Facebook in the form of a group called The Writer's Muse that is probably the greatest tool for writers that I've personally seen. I'm very high on the group because it challenges the person to actually become a better writer through not only writing about various personal experiences but with also writing prompts and sharing things that basically help them create new pieces.

Shamelessly plugs again, The Writer's Muse, hop on that.

At the end of the day, great writers are able to write great because they know who they are and they aren't afraid of that person. You can't push yourself to further heights if you're not real with yourself first and foremost. Take that valuable time to learn who it is you see in the mirror everyday, then and only then will you be able to do great things with your writing.

What do you think about the notion of bettering yourself as a writer through writing out personal experiences that may have affected you negatively or positively? Is it necessary or can you do without? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys!

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