The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Just use your heart and brain, it's not that hard.

For some odd reason people ask me about relationship advice all of the time. Every single time they ask me what they should do in a particular situation, I tell them the same exact thing: know your partner. But for some people that doesn't always translate into actual advice since they need someone to tell them what to do versus being creative and using their own brain for a change. That's pretty annoying at times but I'm here to offer one piece of advice on Valentine's Day since I'm asked about what kind of gift a person should get for someone.

Because you know, I care so much.

The truth about gift giving is that there is no set formula for giving the "right" or "perfect" gifts. You can't just google it or go up on Pinterest and find out what to give someone in your life and it still mean something special. Now I will say this before I go on in regards to gift giving someone that you're not serious with or have no plans on being serious with: stick to the basics. You don't have to over complicate things when giving a gift to someone you're just taking out on a date and have no plans on dating for the long term. This also applies to people you just met within the last two months or so.

Gift giving to them should be simple as I said before in terms of just going to dinner, giving flowers, candy and a card if you're a guy. My advice to guys who gift giving to women they aren't serious with or have no plans on being serious with: buy the cheapest card and find the sales for flowers on the websites. I know I spent around $20 one year on a card, flowers, a bear and some chocolate, it can be done. Additionally I've never heard of a girl giving a guy anything for Valentine's Day as a gift when they just met or they aren't serious at all.

Well beyond the obvious that is ..

But that only applies to people who are just causally dating, when you're serious with someone, then it's a bit different. I for one can't give a specific list of gift ideas because I believe that you should know your partner to the point where you know what gift to give them that would mean more than just a symbolic gesture of the day. It means way more when you show that you actually pay attention and you show that through gesture rather than words. It makes the person feel appreciated you know?

Flowers can be given, (and should be given), at any point of the week during the year. Dinner and movie dates can be on any weekend during the year. Chocolate can be bought home at any point during the week, but it's not advised too much lol. The point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't base your gift giving on something that can be given at any time, it's not really special and they probably won't care for such a bland gift. It also seems a bit impersonal and unoriginal as you've probably given them those gifts before.

Want to make them feel special? Then give them the gift of listen.

Before you say it's stupid idea for a gift hear me out. Let's say that you wanted to go to the beach because that's the only place this one restaurant you love is. There isn't another restaurant for a hundred miles and this one is one that you associate great memories with, but you just never have the time to go. When you do have the time to go you just tend to forget until something triggers that memory of said restaurant. You keep thinking to yourself one day you'll go when it's nice out, but in reality you probably won't since it's so far away.

Insert the person in your life.

You're getting ready for your Valentine's Day date and you think it's going to be at a normal restaurant in the city. You get dressed and ready and then you get in the car but you notice that you've passed all of the exits and you're not going the direction of any restaurants that you know of. The excitement builds, then you start thinking of all of the places that you guys could possibly go. Of course you're not going to think of the one place that you want to go to. When you finally start to get close you're thinking to yourself no way and then when you finally get there you're happy as all outdoors because they actually remembered you said something about this a long time ago and they remembered.

That is the beauty in remembering something your partner wants to do. Yea you could've went there at any time but it's the fact that they mentioned it in passing or talked about how the restaurant bought back good memories every time you thought about it that makes it more special. That's the reason I always say know your partner, because it's times like this that matter the most. It's when you can create a memory from just by listening to something they mentioned in a random conversation. It shows that you care, that you pay attention, and you appreciate them enough to go all the way out of your way to show that you care about how much something means to them.

Buying a whole bunch of gifts can be expensive, but listening is free of charge.

Do you agree or disagree with this method of gift giving? Leave your opinion in the comments below; I'm excited to hear what you have to say.

Until next time!

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